How To Organize Important Receipts

Piling receipts scattered all over the house and you find it hard to retreive the receipt you need. Can you relate to this scenario?


If yes, then please continue reading this as I share with you some easy ways to organize important receipts.


1. Use an envelope system to file your receipts. You can purchase the extended, plastic envelope from bookstores and other office supplies shops. What I do is to purchase three of this and designate one for bank receipts (deposit and withdrawal receipts, mortgage payment slips, change account information forms), another for receipts related to utilities (water, electricity, association dues) and the other one for household purchases (groceries, gadgets and other related stuff). This keeps me organized all these important receipts in a jiffy.


2. Utilize these cute little storage boxes and place these receipts inside to be sorted later. Easiest, fastest, but of course do this if you really have little time to organize receipts.


3. Get a ziplock bag especially if you want to keep a couple of this on your bag. This will keep the receipts clean even if placed beside your dear cosmetics, hand sanitizer among other bag essentials.


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