Cheap Cleaning Aids For A Clean Home

Do you want to save money and still maintain a clean home? Well, there are a lot of ways to save your hard earned dollars just by using cheap yet effective cleaning supplies. Here are some of them:


White Vinegar

You can use this to clean windows, glass in tables, ceramic sinks and even disinfect your tiles and garage floor. All you need to do is to put one cup of white vinegar to one cup of water and put inside a clean spray bottle for quick cleaning. You can also put 2-3 cups of white vinegar, mixed with water in a pail and then use this to disinfect your tiles and garage floor after cleaning.


For those who cannot afford to stand the smell of white vinegar, then you can use bleach as an alternative. Mix equal parts of bleach and water to dilute before cleaning your sinks and tiles. This is an inexpensive cleaning aid to keep your sinks, tiles and floors clean.

Laundry Soap

Some use bar detergent mixed with water, while some use powder laundry detergent to clean surfaces.

These are just some cheap cleaning aids that you can use to maintain a squeaky clean home. What about you? Do you use some other inexpensive cleaning aids aside from what I mentioned above? Feel free to share it here.


Tips On Conserving Energy With Small Renovations

Looking for tips on doing home renovations while conserving energy in the process? I know it is difficult, especially when it comes to thinking on where to begin. But doing these little home improvement projects can help you save money and have a happy and more livable home for you and your family.

Replace filters when needed.

Look around the house and check your appliances. If you have some filters that needed replacement then do it. Do not wait for your appliances to get broken down because of these filters.


Take down older windows.

Make your windows more energy efficient by caulking windows and putting weatherstripping around doorways. This might require you to shell out money, but doing this will definitely help you conserve energy in the process.

Look at the function of water saving shower heads and water heaters.

Many water-saving shower heads available in the marketplace today helps you to conserve water supply and provide options for flow rates. Look for a brand that provides you with a good list of water-saving shower heads so you can choose the best one for your shower area.

This goes the same with your water heaters, but do not just buy another one right away. Contact your previous supplier and ask if there are some energy saving versions available for sale. You may get good offers and discounts especially if you will let them know that you are one of their previous customers.

Being a responsible homeowner is easy if you know how to do some renovations that can improve the condition of your home as well as help you make your space a more relaxing and healthy environment to be in.

Do You Follow A Certain Schedule In House Cleaning?

If you have been working for forty hours a week for years now, then you must have had a cleaning schedule that works for you. Then what is your cleaning schedule? Here’s mine:

I clean the house on weekly basis, this means running a really good sweep on the floor and change beddings as well as making our workstations immaculate. 🙂

But please don’t take my word for it, because sometimes I fail to follow that schedule, I sometimes do more than once a week or once every two weeks. I believe that cleaning schedule isn’t meant to be written on stone, it really depends on what works for you.


There are times when the house is still clean that you do not need to do some general sweep and mop, while there are times when it should be on top of the list especially when your house gets flooded or after your pets run around your house.

What about you? Do you follow a certain schedule in house cleaning?

Going To The Grocery

When was the last time you went to the grocery store? What are some of the essentials that you purchased?


I asked this because there are times when going to the grocery store can be quite challenging, especially if you do not have a list. I have read a lot of tips about coming up with a list when it comes to doing smart grocery shopping and I am trying to do it.

What challenges me the most is the budgeting aspect of doing grocery shopping. Of course you cannot just spend every dollar that you have just for these supplies alone. That is why I need to arm myself with a pen and a calculator just to do some notes and comparison on the prices since these details are not available on the grocery store’s website.

Living At Older Homes And Taking Care Of Hardwood Flooring

Looking for a more affordable place to stay? Why not choose older homes instead? You can get it for a much lower price than a more modern home. Most people looking to buy these homes do not want to have the extra expense of doing home repairs, remodeling and redecorating enough to bring the home up to their perceived standards.  If the buyer knows home construction and basic interior design and decoration then it is best to give life to an older home.


Many times older homes have original hardwood flooring underneath carpeting.  You can get these back to life through sanding, staining and applying a good varnish coat.  This is if you want to use the original flooring instead of using another carpet to top the old hardwood flooring.

Probably the worst scenario that could happen is one or more layers of old linoleum or vinyl glued to the floor with linoleum cement.  In this case, it will take a lot of work to make it look beautiful again. It may need scraping and solvent, but focusing on getting back the beautiful hardwood floor is good enough to start on this project to give life to your new home.

Thinking Of Decorating For The Holidays

We are just starting to enjoy the first few months of September but I am now thinking on ways to make my home ready for the holidays.

Not sure if we will still set up the Christmas tree as I will not have much time to do it. What I am planning to do instead is to buy curtains in red and green and or fill the living room with other Christmas decorations.


I cannot just do all of these things until I get to really clean the clutter that I have since we started to throw some stuff away after the general cleaning that we had last weekend. So after we get to really clear the area, that’s the time that we can start decorating our living room for the holidays.

Clearing Clutter In One Go. Is It Possible?


A lot of us have boxes of stuff lying around the house and this is not good if you want to live in an organized way. Now if you want to live a simpler, more organized life, then you have to clear your clutter. But can you do it in one go?

In my opinion, you can do it, but it will take a lot of preparation and legwork for you to do so. You cannot do it alone, if you want to finish this overnight. You need the help of other people, even hire home organizing experts and consultants if you really want to give your home a cleaner look.

So start deciding on when you want to do it, make some calls and contact these people to help you out in clearing your stuff. With a lot of careful thinking and consideration, you are on your way to have a cleaner and more organized look.