Looking For Older Homes? Here’s My Take

This may not be a popular choice for those who are planning to start their own family soon, but in my opinion it is better to choose an older home due to the following reasons:


Its cheaper. You can choose to have your own home that is brand new if you can afford it. But if you are short on cash, and your current jobs cannot afford mortgage payments then it is best to settle in an older home.

It is more convenient. All you need to do is to get your old pieces of furniture and or purchase the main household appliances and then you can now start living in your own home.

It gives you the needed privacy. Newlywed couples can start well if they have their own space. Privacy is a big issue if you want to live independently so this one is a given.

Again, to each is own. You can purchase your new house and lot if you have the money to cover for it, or if you can afford the payments, otherwise, it is best to save up for it and enjoy the time and space that you have with your spouse as you start a new life together.


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