Cheap Cleaning Aids For A Clean Home

Do you want to save money and still maintain a clean home? Well, there are a lot of ways to save your hard earned dollars just by using cheap yet effective cleaning supplies. Here are some of them:


White Vinegar

You can use this to clean windows, glass in tables, ceramic sinks and even disinfect your tiles and garage floor. All you need to do is to put one cup of white vinegar to one cup of water and put inside a clean spray bottle for quick cleaning. You can also put 2-3 cups of white vinegar, mixed with water in a pail and then use this to disinfect your tiles and garage floor after cleaning.


For those who cannot afford to stand the smell of white vinegar, then you can use bleach as an alternative. Mix equal parts of bleach and water to dilute before cleaning your sinks and tiles. This is an inexpensive cleaning aid to keep your sinks, tiles and floors clean.

Laundry Soap

Some use bar detergent mixed with water, while some use powder laundry detergent to clean surfaces.

These are just some cheap cleaning aids that you can use to maintain a squeaky clean home. What about you? Do you use some other inexpensive cleaning aids aside from what I mentioned above? Feel free to share it here.


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