Home Organization Tips: De-cluttering Your Closet

When it comes to talks on home organization tips, one of the most in-demand are tips on how to de-clutter the closet. Whether you admit it or not, the closet has become your personal storage shed in the home. Frequently used clothes aren’t the only things there, the oldest, the oddest, and the most off-season stuff are there too. In the following, let’s talk about simple and practical ways on how you can make your closet more organized.

First, remember that it all starts in the mind. For sure, you must have told yourself countless times that you would sort the closet; you just can’t seem to find the time. The solution to this is to get rid of the mantra and resolve that you will do things NOW; that you will de-clutter the closet NOW. Unless you do this, you will certainly not get anywhere.


Once you got yourself moving, the initial things you would need are boxes. Boxes are crucial in basic home organization endeavor because they can help you sort things out more easily. Label them according to your needs.

Basically though, you can have a box for things you will keep, a box for things you will keep but move (perhaps to the attic or the basement), another one for things you will sell, and another for things you will donate. Strictly decide your action based on these choices. You shouldn’t have a box for “the things you will decide on later.” This will just put you back to the old cycle of wanting to do something but never quite making it.


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