How To Clean Your Closet Today

Looking for ways to clean your closet? Make sure that you know how to do it wisely. Here are some ways to do it.

Set a schedule to clean your closet.

Make sure to have a set time when clearing unwanted items in your closet. Do a quick inventory and plan storage boxes so you can sort the items as you go. This will make cleaning easy as well as disposing these items to charity or to garage sales so you can turn your pre-loved items into money.

Use storage and sorting containers as you go.

Now, once you have the boxes, start on the top of the closet. Doing this is always mentioned in various home organization tips because it ensures covering all areas as you work your way down.

Pick an item and put it in the appropriate box. If you haven’t worn some clothes in six months or they no longer fit, give them away or sell them. Don’t be overly sentimental. Having them on your closet will likely hinder you from acquiring new stuff anyway.

Leave a clean closet after clearing those pre-loved items.

Once you’ve pulled out everything, clean and wash out the area. Do the same to all the shelves that would follow.

When you notice that the “to throw away” box is getting full, take it outside and empty it. This way, you will no longer be tempted to go through the stuff again and restore those which you have already decided to get rid of. Do the same with those you intend to give away or sell. Put them in a plastic bag and label them accordingly. For those you will keep but move, place them where they belong as soon as the box gets filled.

Finally, organize those which you have decided to keep. Have a spot for your everyday clothes and arrange them in a certain way, say, by kind or by color. Then, have a spot for clothes you wear for special occasions. This way, you’ll know where to reach out when the need arises.

These are some of the most practical home organization tips you can follow to make your closet look neat and orderly. Pretty simple, don’t you think?


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