Having Fun With Your Kids At Home

There are a lot of ways that you can have fun with your kids. There are a lot of things you can do inside and outside the house. You can go on camping or fishing trips, or go to the amusement park, but these are not activities that you can do on a regular basis. It’s best to always have a few indoor fun ideas at back of your mind for those stay at home rainy day emergencies.

Cooking is one activity you can do with your kids at home. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Don’t try to prepare a four course meal with them as this might prove to be too difficult. Opt for something that’s easy to prepare and make sure that it’s something they’ll want to eat afterwards, like pancakes, fruit and Jell-O salads, or perhaps sandwiches. You can ask your kids to crack the eggs or help you mix the batter in preparing pancakes, or let them suggest filling combinations for your sandwiches.

Aside from cooking there are other fun indoor activities for children. You can engage in arts and crafts without even spending a penny. Collect excess materials from school projects and recyclable items you can find in your home, such as paper, yarn, displaced shirt buttons, milk cartons, single socks, and empty yogurt and egg containers. If you have a little glue, scissors, paint and other colouring materials, you’re all set! Encourage your child’s creativity by letting him suggest ideas on what he wants to build from the materials, but also make sure that you’ve done your research and you’re ready to give a few suggestions just in case your kids can’t think of any.

A productive way to have fun with your kids is by helping them organize and decorate their rooms. This is more suitable for bigger kids, from 10 year olds and older. Some parents may not agree with the idea of letting their kids decide on how they want their rooms to look, but I’m all for encouraging their personalities to shine through in their personal space. Your kids definitely need guidance, but as long as they don’t want a Walking Dead theme or a fire hazard for a room, all room ideas should be considered. Of course, such an activity requires prior planning and probably a bit of shopping before it can actually be done.

If your child’s room needs to be repainted and he wants to get involved, make sure that the paint to be used won’t be hazardous to your health. There are odour-free paints available in the market. If your kid wants to make a mural, give him a corner of the room that he can paint but take time to assist him if he’s too young to do it on his own.

A parent should never run out of fun indoor activities for children. Spending valuable time together allows the family to bond and get to know one another better. A simple but very good way to bond with your child is to simply play with him, or join him in the things he loves doing. If your daughter likes to play with Barbie dolls, then having to stay indoors is a good opportunity for you to play with her. If your son is a video game addict, try to beat him at his favourite game. You could also try watching home videos while eating popcorn with the whole family. Just makes sure to enforce parental guidance as needed.

image credit: journalbuddies


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