Kids Having Problem During Meal Time? Here’s What You Need To Do

One of the fundamental principles on how to discipline your children is to lead by example. For chrissakes, turn off that TV even if it’s your favourite show too. If your child is a bit on the hard side however and throws a tantrum and decides to turn on the TV by herself, tell her she can watch TV while eating but if she’s the last to finish, she will be have to wash all the dishes. If she does so much as to bring her food to the living room so she can sit on the couch while eating, tell her she has to vacuum the living and dining room on top of her dishwashing chores.

If your children refuse to eat what’s served on the table even if they haven’t tried it, tell them that they won’t have to eat another bite after trying just one spoonful.  If they refuse to do even just that and you know that they’ve had a full meal prior, tell them that that’s the only food available and if they don’t want it, then don’t eat.

This may seem too harsh, but don’t worry too much. If they had a full breakfast and a snack sometime before noon, they won’t actually starve until the next meal and they miss lunch.

If your child tends to act up during dinner, and you know it’s only because he or she wants to sneak her way out of finishing her food, make her sit alone by the breakfast counter or in the kitchen (where you can still see her) so she realizes how much better it is to share a meal with the rest of the family.


Creative Ideas On How To Discipline Your Children During Mealtime

There is no perfect rule on how to discipline your children. Every child is different from the other and so what may work for little Susie may not necessarily apply to naughty lil Brennan. Parenthood is an adventure wherein you are given the chance to get to know your child. So please, go ahead and take time to get to know your son or daughter. Because having a full grasp of your child’s personality will give you cues on how to motivate and discipline them.

Children have different temperaments. Some kids are easy to talk to and even easier to please, while there are others who are immensely stubborn and clearly cannot be swayed by mere negotiation. You have to be really creative and resourceful in the way you discipline your kids. Allow me to share some discipline ideas that you may find useful.

One of my biggest difficulties as a parent is to get one of my daughters to eat when she’s told. She can be really stubborn, especially when she’s watching TV and you tell her it’s time for dinner.  She makes faces at the table during dinner, or keeps standing up. That, aside from being a picky eater. Mealtime can be a real nightmare for me.

My other kids are easier to deal with, but when my naughty princess stands up during dinner to look at the television, her siblings look in the same direction. So I’ve had to use guerilla tactics to get her to eat.

Should Kids Play Apps On A Tablet?

When a child devotes all of his time to playing apps on a tablet, he loses the opportunity to interact with other people, and to engage in interactive, physical activities. Why would he play football with the kid who lives across the street if he have so much fun playing games online and beat players from other parts of the globe?

I haven’t even talked about how much strain his eyes can get from hours of playing. Too much of anything is bad. If your child already wears eyeglasses, his vision could get worse, or never be corrected.

It is not immersing in apps or using tablets per se that I am against. It’s the lack of moderation for the use of gadgets these days, and the lack of control over when these gadgets are used. I wouldn’t recommend having a tablet on a dinner table just to pacify a toddler or in church during service. Please!!! There is the right place and right time for everything.

Responsible parenting involves having a full grasp and management over what’s best for your children. And allowing your kids to play on an iPad 15 hours a day even during a social or religious gathering doesn’t seem responsible at all. If your kid knows that the iPad is in your bag, he’ll ask for it the moment you arrive at a party. So if you want your child to engage in other activities or if you think wherever you’re going to is not a good place to play, don’t bring that tablet at all.

Quick Ways To Liven Up Your Shower Room

I have been looking for inexpensive ways to improve the look of my home and oftentimes, I find it really easy to implement. All you need to do is to be creative and patient enough especially if you are concerned on doing this on a tight budget. Today, I’ll share with you some quick ways to liven up your bathroom.

Change That Shower Curtains

Give your bathroom a refreshing look by changing that shower curtain now. If you are used with that plain colored one, then look for a shower curtain with lovely prints and colors. Go ahead and find designs that you want online and you might even find a store that delivers it to your home within the day. You can also use a beautiful window curtain for this purpose.

Assign Containers For Your Shower Essentials

If you share your shower room with the family, then it is best to assign containers to house your different bath essentials. It will also make your supplies neatly organized and easy to reach, something that will improve your shower experience as you have everything that you need in one container.

Clean And Make It Smell Good

You don’t need to purchase expensive cleaners and air fresheners, just use all natural cleaners like general cleaning soap, water, baking soda, vinegar and fresh lemons to do the job. Out of these supplies you can create your own home cleaners and air fresheners, perfect to maintain a clean shower room.

Knowing When It Is Time To Renovate Or Relocate

How many rooms does your house have? Are there rooms that are merely used for storage and can still be converted to extra living space?

A good example would be a guest room, a basement, or even an attic. If relatives or friends haven’t visited in a decade, then it’s probably time someone occupied that guest room for good. You could convert it into a nursery for your new grandchild, or if it’s really big, you can even have double bunk beds installed for the grandchildren who’ll be staying with you for good. Needing more space is a valid reason to renovate your home.

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Now, say you have a basement, and it just about contains every souvenir you bought from every trip you’ve had. Might there be a way to gather those souvenirs and place them in one closet to save up some space? You can convert your basement into a game room, a den, or a bedroom for your son who can’s share a room with his baby sisters anymore. The same goes for an attic, which you can also convert into a small office or study.

If no amount of renovation will give you the space you need or if a complete makeover will cost too much, however, then maybe it’s time to look for a new, bigger, and more comfortable house to live in.


If your clan has been living in that property for the last two decades and you have the money to preserve and maintain the place, and if its sentimental value outweighs every reason there is to relocate, go ahead and renovate to your heart’s content.

If the house has survived three wars, in really bad shape, and dilapidated to a point where there’s no way to restore it to its former glory however, then it might be time to buy a new house. If you absolutely love the location, though, you can build a new structure on the same property, as long as the costs are reasonable.

5 Simple And Affordable Home Improvement Ideas To Try Today

A beautiful home is a livable one. That is why you need to do your best to make it a comfortable place to live in. Here are some simple and affordable home improvement ideas that you can do even with a little budget to spare.

Paint walls in a room to change the look and feel of it.

Paint costs are more affordable today. You can start by buying a small can and create an accent wall. You can also paint the entire room to give it a lighter or darker look. This is something that you can do over the weekend and is an easy project to finish.

Use wallpaper to dress your walls and other public areas at home.

While you can paint your room, you can definitely make a bold statement if you use wallpapers instead. Just ask a family member to help you install these wallpapers because, unlike paint, it is not that easy to do alone. You can also ask them to help you decide on which designs to choose especially if you are going to install it in their own room.

Declutter areas before you decide to install new shelves or cabinets.

Empty shelves and cabinets before you decide to purchase and install additional shelves around the house. This will help you clear some areas in those cabinets that you can use to house your new stocks. As for the shelves, this will help you make room for new items to display like books, vases and toys.

Upgrade your door locks and knobs.

Security is a major concern to keep your house safe for you and your family. Buy new locks and knobs and change it over the weekend. Make sure to distribute the new keys to your family members and keep a duplicate copy of each key. You can also use this opportunity to review your family on general rules when it comes to safety around the house.

Move your furniture.

Why purchase for another piece of furniture when your current one is still in perfect condition. Just place it in different area or direction in the room and clean the surface. You can even repaint it if you want to especially if you want to match this with the new color of your walls.

See, you don’t need to spend that much just to give your home a new look. Just pick one or two of these tips and implement these on your free time. You can even involve your family to help you carry out these home improvement ideas as soon as you can.

Knowing When It’s Time To Fix Your Home Or Time To Move Out

So you’ve been living in that house for almost a decade, and you’re wondering if you should renovate or relocate already. There are three primary factors for you to consider before making that big jump. Allow me to share them with you, and then decide.


Is the location of your house convenient for all the members of the family? Is it a reasonable distance from the office, the children’s school, or the supermarket, civilization for that matter? Is your home situated in a safe neighbourhood, where your kids can grow up to be well rounded citizens?

If you’re still happy about where your house is and you think you just need to make a few changes here and there will make it a better place to live in, then it’s time to renovate your home.

If it’s in a dangerous zone or too far from civilization, then you may want to consider looking for a piece of property on the other side of town, or even in another one. No amount of renovation can compensate for your family’s security or the inconvenience of a 3-hour travel time just to get to work.

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Are you a growing family? Do you have many children, or perhaps pets to rival the contents of Noah’s Ark?

If your family has grown exponentially over the past several years and extended family members reside under the same roof, it may be time for you to decide whether you should renovate or relocate.