Knowing When It Is Time To Renovate Or Relocate

How many rooms does your house have? Are there rooms that are merely used for storage and can still be converted to extra living space?

A good example would be a guest room, a basement, or even an attic. If relatives or friends haven’t visited in a decade, then it’s probably time someone occupied that guest room for good. You could convert it into a nursery for your new grandchild, or if it’s really big, you can even have double bunk beds installed for the grandchildren who’ll be staying with you for good. Needing more space is a valid reason to renovate your home.

image credit: Google images

Now, say you have a basement, and it just about contains every souvenir you bought from every trip you’ve had. Might there be a way to gather those souvenirs and place them in one closet to save up some space? You can convert your basement into a game room, a den, or a bedroom for your son who can’s share a room with his baby sisters anymore. The same goes for an attic, which you can also convert into a small office or study.

If no amount of renovation will give you the space you need or if a complete makeover will cost too much, however, then maybe it’s time to look for a new, bigger, and more comfortable house to live in.


If your clan has been living in that property for the last two decades and you have the money to preserve and maintain the place, and if its sentimental value outweighs every reason there is to relocate, go ahead and renovate to your heart’s content.

If the house has survived three wars, in really bad shape, and dilapidated to a point where there’s no way to restore it to its former glory however, then it might be time to buy a new house. If you absolutely love the location, though, you can build a new structure on the same property, as long as the costs are reasonable.


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