Should Kids Play Apps On A Tablet?

When a child devotes all of his time to playing apps on a tablet, he loses the opportunity to interact with other people, and to engage in interactive, physical activities. Why would he play football with the kid who lives across the street if he have so much fun playing games online and beat players from other parts of the globe?

I haven’t even talked about how much strain his eyes can get from hours of playing. Too much of anything is bad. If your child already wears eyeglasses, his vision could get worse, or never be corrected.

It is not immersing in apps or using tablets per se that I am against. It’s the lack of moderation for the use of gadgets these days, and the lack of control over when these gadgets are used. I wouldn’t recommend having a tablet on a dinner table just to pacify a toddler or in church during service. Please!!! There is the right place and right time for everything.

Responsible parenting involves having a full grasp and management over what’s best for your children. And allowing your kids to play on an iPad 15 hours a day even during a social or religious gathering doesn’t seem responsible at all. If your kid knows that the iPad is in your bag, he’ll ask for it the moment you arrive at a party. So if you want your child to engage in other activities or if you think wherever you’re going to is not a good place to play, don’t bring that tablet at all.


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