Creative Ideas On How To Discipline Your Children During Mealtime

There is no perfect rule on how to discipline your children. Every child is different from the other and so what may work for little Susie may not necessarily apply to naughty lil Brennan. Parenthood is an adventure wherein you are given the chance to get to know your child. So please, go ahead and take time to get to know your son or daughter. Because having a full grasp of your child’s personality will give you cues on how to motivate and discipline them.

Children have different temperaments. Some kids are easy to talk to and even easier to please, while there are others who are immensely stubborn and clearly cannot be swayed by mere negotiation. You have to be really creative and resourceful in the way you discipline your kids. Allow me to share some discipline ideas that you may find useful.

One of my biggest difficulties as a parent is to get one of my daughters to eat when she’s told. She can be really stubborn, especially when she’s watching TV and you tell her it’s time for dinner.  She makes faces at the table during dinner, or keeps standing up. That, aside from being a picky eater. Mealtime can be a real nightmare for me.

My other kids are easier to deal with, but when my naughty princess stands up during dinner to look at the television, her siblings look in the same direction. So I’ve had to use guerilla tactics to get her to eat.


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