Kids Having Problem During Meal Time? Here’s What You Need To Do

One of the fundamental principles on how to discipline your children is to lead by example. For chrissakes, turn off that TV even if it’s your favourite show too. If your child is a bit on the hard side however and throws a tantrum and decides to turn on the TV by herself, tell her she can watch TV while eating but if she’s the last to finish, she will be have to wash all the dishes. If she does so much as to bring her food to the living room so she can sit on the couch while eating, tell her she has to vacuum the living and dining room on top of her dishwashing chores.

If your children refuse to eat what’s served on the table even if they haven’t tried it, tell them that they won’t have to eat another bite after trying just one spoonful.  If they refuse to do even just that and you know that they’ve had a full meal prior, tell them that that’s the only food available and if they don’t want it, then don’t eat.

This may seem too harsh, but don’t worry too much. If they had a full breakfast and a snack sometime before noon, they won’t actually starve until the next meal and they miss lunch.

If your child tends to act up during dinner, and you know it’s only because he or she wants to sneak her way out of finishing her food, make her sit alone by the breakfast counter or in the kitchen (where you can still see her) so she realizes how much better it is to share a meal with the rest of the family.


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