What To Inspect If You Have An Older House

Living in older homes has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if you live in one and prefer to stay there for long, then you have to do regular inspections to keep it livable. Here are some suggestions:


If you have been using carpet in your floors since you moved in, then you need to check the quality of your carpet. Are there some areas that are worn out and heavily stained? How about that odd smell even if you do some deep cleaning, maybe it is time to change that old carpet.

If you opt to change your flooring, then you need to call for a professional to do some assessment before doing anything on it. This is to prevent damage on the floor and spending more than you need in buying new materials for your new floor.

Wall Covering

Do you see some chipped paint on your walls? How about getting a new look and feel for your rooms? You can do this by changing your paint color. Go to a hardware store and look for color cards, stick it on the wall and decide if you want that new color. Want to try wallpaper instead? Then do your research on the advantages of using it as well as the available designs from local manufacturers.

Cabinets and Shelves

These keep your stuff neat and organized so make sure to check if these are still in good quality, otherwise contact a local cabinet and shelf maker to do some repairs as necessary. You can also opt to do some DIY by buying some shelves on the stores and pairing it with power tools to install it on the wall.


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