Easy Ways To Clean Tile Grout

Do you hate cleaning tile grouts? I share the same sentiments. Cleaning tire grouts, especially inside the bathroom can really be time consuming and tiring. That is why I am sharing some ways to clean tile grout, without having to spend longer hours in the process.

Combine baking soda with white vinegar in a cup. This will form a foam, then use the toothbrush to spread the solution on grout lines. Leave it for 10 minutes then scrub the grout lines using the toothbrush and wipe the dirt away.

You can also clean it using thick bleach, but you have to leave the solution longer, say 15 minutes at the most, before using a nylon brush and wipe the dirt as usual.

Now for a fast cleaning option, spray Mr. Muscle Mold and Mildew solution on the grout lines (I’m not receiving compensation for this, just to be clear) then leave it for 5 minutes then wipe the dirt away. Just make sure to use long gloves since the solution can be irritating to the skin.

image credit: carpetcleaningbattle

These are different ways I tried to clean my bathroom grout. Just try one tip at a time as it is not safe to mix cleaning chemicals in one area at a time.