On Teaching Kids How To Be Organized

We often hear that childhood habits are hard to break particularly the bad ones and so early intervention must be made.

One of the bad habits rampant among children is being disorganized. Laziness could be one reason of disorganization among kids.  However, certain surveys attest that disorganized parents make disorganized kids period. This implies then that parents themselves need to be role models in this aspect. Whether you are already an organized parent, there are ways you can enforce or teach kids organization skills. A short list of them follows below.

1) Designate a proper place or container for all the items found inside your house.

2) Set a house cleaning schedule with them.

3) Introduce tasks that involve keeping and sorting their belongings.

4) Give your children their own planners where they can accomplish their personal checklists.

5) Highlight the importance of checklists on getting reminded of the responsibilities the ought to do.

6) Establish a routine from the moment they wake up and go to sleep. Included here is the importance of time management that can get them more productive at the same time.

7) Be firm in implementing the guidelines in cleaning slash organizing that you have set. Kids give up easily when they see their parents’ incapability to pull through.



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