5 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe While On A Vacation

It is the time of the year again when your whole family decides to go on a trip and be on a relaxation mode for some days. Because nobody will be left behind to watch over the house, it is best for you to observe certain measures that ward evil doers off your property and belongings. Take a look at the following tips on making your home more secure while your family is on a vacation.

1)  Request for help – Find a friend or relative who can guard and stay in your house for the entirety of your vacation. Be sure that he or she is someone you can trust. If you’re not comfortable with this idea, have at least three dogs guarding your house from the outside. Requesting help from your local police is advisable too.

2) Refrain from spreading the news about your vacation online – The rise of different photo sharing sites and social media platforms caused many people to be addicted in giving minute by minute update of their whereabouts. Doing this makes it easy for thieves to track your every move. Once they learn that you are already out of the house, they can quickly perform their evil plans.

3) Momentarily stop your mails and newspaper delivery – Local post offices usually hold mails for people who will be leaving their residences for three days or more. Cut-off the newspaper delivery too. When newspapers pile up by entrance door or lawn, people will suspect right away that there are no one in the house to pick them up.

4) Lock all points of entrance – These are not only your back and entrance doors. Windows and other openings to your house are included here. Before you leave, have all family members check if all your passage ways are locked up. Other things which you might need to lock up are gas and water pipes.

5) Install security devices – Obviously, these are the likes of CCTVs which you can connect to your laptop or mobile devices with the aid of the internet. If this is quite costly for you, purchase locks or lock systems which can keep your property fastened until you get home from vacation.


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