Top Ways To Remain Clutter Free

After you have cleaned your house, then it is best to remain your home clutter free. Is it easy to do? Read these tips and see if you can implement these on your home today.

Think twice before buying a product.

Aside from saving money, bringing in new stuff at home can also hurt your goal of keeping it clutter free. So think if you really need to buy that product before taking it inside your house.


Implement One In, One Out rule

I do this at home and it helps me control the number of stuff that I have to organize and clean. Whenever I need to buy say, a shirt, I keep an old shirt in a box for donation. That’s easy to do isn’t it?

Take a picture of your clean home.

Pictures speak a thousand words. So the next time you fail to clean or think that you are going back to your old habits, take a look at your ‘once cleaned house’. The beauty of a clean and neat place will definitely prompt you to do something to keep it that way.

Do routine clean ups on a weekly basis.

Again, this doesn’t have to be a tiring task, if you are doing your best to keep your home clean. Take things away for donation, purge, throw, do something to minimize the number of stuff you have. You will definitely do yourself a favor in a long run by spending only a few minutes to keep things in order.


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