Smart Ways to Discipline Your Child

There is no perfect way to discipline your child. Instilling proper discipline in children is one of the trickiest tasks a parent can encounter. As a parent, I find it very hard to handle my children’s behaviour when they become far too difficult. How do you handle tantrums? What must one do when your kids simply won’t listen? To spank or not to spank? These are a few questions that a parent asks when it comes to disciplining one’s children.

Any loving parent would prefer to not spank his son or daughter. When things get out of hand and a parent resolves to spanking, he will most likely regret it afterwards. We have different parenting styles, but generally no caring, devoted parent would want to hurt his or her child. You can be an authoritative parent who outlines your expectations to your kids while still being affectionate towards them, an authoritarian, who is strict with discipline but low on affection, or a permissive parent, who is very affectionate, gives in to your children’s every whim and hardly gives out any form of discipline. Whether you’re authoritative, authoritarian, or permissive, a few helpful parenting tips here and there would be of good use.

Take time to get to know your kids more. Kids go through different stages of growth, and their understanding of things and their perception of life changes with every stage. There is a more suitable method of trying to discipline your child at every stage. Talk to your child and listen. Children are precious little beings whose IQs and EQs have yet to be developed. Try to figure out at what stage your child is and communicate with him using age appropriate language. If your toddler accidentally spills his food because of his playfulness, don’t scream at him, slap him and tell him that you lost your job and you can’t buy him food anymore. If you have a seventh grader who either skates or plays video games all day and doesn’t attend to his homework at all, perhaps it’s a good time to have a heart to heart talk with your child regarding the importance of good education. Talk to him about how one’s study habits could actually affect one’s chance of getting good education, and how being well educated will pave the way for a better future.
There are different parenting styles for every age group.

Be creative. There are many techniques that you can use. If your child can already understand the concept of consequences, it is advisable that you explain to always him what the consequences of his actions are, whether or not it’s as simple as having a toothache because of too much candy, or losing his chance of getting a scholarship. It’s always better to talk in a hushed, diplomatic manner. If your child refuses to listen, you may resolve to taking away privileges, distraction, time outs, or even more positive measures such as a point system or a reward system. An indirect way to discipline your child is by becoming a role model. Children, especially younger ones, tend to emulate the behaviour of their parents.

Corporal punishment or spanking is not advisable. Spanking can make a child more aggressive and violent. Hurting your son or daughter might make him or her think that hurting someone you love is acceptable.


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