Wisdom Teeth Surgery: Procedure And Home Care

Wisdom teeth surgery is a vital dental procedure which can save anyone from grave oral problems. These pearly whites appear between fifteen and twenty years old. They are similar to the third molars which are found at the back of the jaw. Contrary to popular belief, the eruption of these pearly whites does not necessarily cause the person to be smart or wise. They are named as such in relation to the stage or the time they appear or erupt on the individual’s gums.

As the molars are already complete by the time a person reaches fifteen, there is no more room for the eruption of a wisdom tooth. This makes it appear in an awkward angle which is sideways – pushing the other pearly whites which are near to it. Painful impaction follows soon after. This is why most people who acquire it opt for wisdom teeth surgery the soonest possible time.

The current technology makes the removal very easy and less painful. More so, the dentist may advise for the patient to have general anaesthesia if local anaesthesia would not work. An incision is usually made at the very spot where the tooth is. In some cases, the bone tissue is removed so as to totally extract the problem tooth. Sectioning is an important action which a dentist may decide to do so as to create a small incision on the gums only – preventing too much trauma to happen.

Most patients spend long time recovering from the side effects of this procedure. Removing wisdom teeth can pose a bigger problem to the concerned individual if he or she does not observe proper care at home. It is important to keep the area very clean. Thus, it is advisable to brush your teeth the night you had surgery. Just be very careful not to apply much pressure on the area to prevent bleeding and infection. Refrain from inspecting the area using your finger or any pointed object. Should you feel discomfort or reason for emergency, consult your dentist right away. Dry socket is a common problem that comes after the surgery is done. It is a condition where the area does not seem to heal even for a long time. Smoking is primary cause of  this condition. If you smoke, do save your puffs for weeks until your gum gets totally healed.

Bleeding is normal after a wisdom teeth surgery. But too much bleeding is definitely not normal. Contact your dentist right away if symptoms persist. Be mindful of what you’re going to eat as there are certain foods which can do you more harm than good. Avoid hard solid foods as they will make your mouth grind more and the pressure coming from it cause unwanted bleeding. Do eat pureed foods like milk shakes and soups to avoid hurting the area. Be sure though that they are not too hot so as not to scald the affected area. Your tongue sensation may not be back until after a few days and so eat in fewer amounts until everything is back to normal.


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