Beating Memory Loss With Good Food

Did you know that poor memory can also be caused by poor eating habits? So, this means you can beat memory gap if even though you’re already advancing in years.

Let us first identify the bad foods to avoid before we go on the healthy foods to feast on.

Foods that rich in saturated fats and transfats are first in the list. They come in the form of processed foods, junk foods and fast foods. Added sugars and syrups come next in the list. They are man-made sugars that affect a person’s metabolism rate and but also the brain’s normal functions. Lastly, there are the grains. All types of grains qualify here except the whole grains.

To keep your brain functioning normally, below are the top foods to note in to your grocery list:

1) Whole grains – They are perfect in providing the brain the energy it needs in performing daily tasks. When you eat them, you fill find it easier to concentrate as they cause enough blood to circulate in the brain.

2) Blueberries and Tomatoes – Both are known in freeing the brain from potential cell damage. Thus, memory is improved and possibility of memory loss is delayed.

3) Blackcurrant – These fruits are helpful in supplying an overflow of vitamin C in the brain. Vitamin C is helpful in increasing your mental agility.