Black And White Truffles – What Are They?

Black and white truffles are often confused with chocolates. The truth is: they are seasonal mushrooms which grow only in certain parts of the world. They are dubbed as diamonds in the kitchen of luxurious hotels and restaurants because of their extraordinary taste and expensive cost.

Unlike the regular mushrooms which can be used generously in most dishes, truffles are used by most chefs sparingly in their recipes. This is not just because they’re expensive but also because they’ve got a pungent earthy taste. Thus, you will see dishes where these mushrooms are simply grated on top.

Generally, truffles are classified as Black Perigord and White Winter. They’re imported from France and Italy respectively. Although they’re both expensive, the white ones cost more than the black ones at 2500 dollars per pound. Black truffles cost about 850 dollars per pound. Truffles are mushrooms that grow underground and they can only be discovered with the help of sows. These days, however, many dogs have already been trained to hunt for truffles underground.


What You Need To Know About Truffles

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The distorted shape of truffles usually gives the impression that they are hard to cook. They are easy to cook but they don’t work with many, if not all recipes. They are best used with eggs, cream, butter or sauces in dishes. This explains why you will often see truffle omelets and sandwiches.

There are other food products which are made out of these exotic mushrooms like truffle-flavoured chocolates and popcorn; truffle oil and truffle wine. Truffle wine is best sipped while eating cheese. Their individual tastes truly complement each other. Truffle oil, on the other hand, is best used for adding a distinct tang in cooked dishes.

If you want more information about truffles or truffle dishes, just go online and search for related topics. You’ll be surprised to find a lot of information about these rare mushrooms.