Dental Items for Healthy Gums and Teeth

Dental items are essential in keeping our gums and teeth healthy. However, not all dental items sold in the market are important. Investment only on the basics. They are the following.

Toothbrush – There is a corresponding toothbrush for every dental need. With that, the bristles and the size of the brush head are the two important factors you need to consider.

Bristles are classified as soft, medium and hard. As you pick the right brush, check the sensitivity of your gums and teeth. For highly-sensitive gums and teeth, soft bristles are ideal to prevent irritation.

When it comes to sizes, brushes with bigger heads are usually preferred over smaller ones. This is because they are easier to maneuver inside the mouth. However, they can never reach narrow areas that need to be cleaned. And so, brushes with smaller heads must be used.

Toothpaste – One sign of good oral hygiene is strong teeth. This can be achieved with the continual use of flouride-rich toothpaste. Flouride protects the teeth from cavities as it strengthens the enamel. If you have dental concerns like sensitive teeth, tar-tar, bad breath and discolored teeth, consult your dentist for the appropriate toothpaste to use.

Dental Floss – Toothbrushing cannot remove all food particles stuck in between teeth. Thus, cleaning your teeth with dental floss, sticks or tapes is advisable. This wards off tooth decay and gum diseases.

Mouthwash – Mouthwashes keep the entire mouth including gums and teeth free from bacteria and infection. Use ones that contain fluoride and anti-bacterial substances.

tongue-scraperThere are other dental health products that we can add to the basics that we use daily. They are the following.

Tongue Scraper – It is believed that bad breadth is also caused by unclean tongues. In fact, tongues could hold a lot of bacteria, dead cells and food particles. If not removed, all these cause infection and the stench in our mouths.

Tongue Sprays – After cleaning your tongue, hygienic sprays may be used to prevent build of bacteria and occurrence of bad breath.