Healthy Banana Bread for Kids – How To Make One

Healthy banana bread is fast becoming a first choice snack among parents who want their kids to be healthy. This bread is so easy to make that it can be made at the comfort of one’s home. Following are the tips in making this healthy¬† snack a lot healthier.Banana-Bread

Replace Regular Flour With Wheat Flour – No one can deny the fact that most pastries has regular flour as one of their main ingredients. While it is popular, it proven unhealthy to some extent. To achieve a bread or pastry batter that is low in carbohydrates and sugar content, use flour that is made from whole wheat or sprouted grain instead. They are rich in Lysine and amino acids. This makes them fit for healthy banana recipes.

Replace White Sugar With Artificial Sweeteners РThis tip is ideal to those who want to enjoy a delectable banana bread without worrying too much on their sugar levels. This snack actually needs a good amount of sugar to make it sweet and tasty. By choosing the right alternatives, you can  still give it that richness and sweetness in flavor.

Replace Full Cream Milk With Skim Milk – Full cream milk is responsible for giving your batter that creamy texture. However, it is responsible for giving banana bread eaters the extra pounds as well. If you want a balance of taste and health, consider using low fat milk or skim milk when doing recipes with bananas. Skim can give you that creamy taste without giving you the unnecessary fats.