Tips on Preparing Yourself for a Marathon

Marathon, whether run in half or full distances, requires great strength and thorough preparation from its participating athletes. If you are interested on taking part of this sport, take time to read the following ideas in how to run a marathon.

Research. Know the details of the competition that you will be joining. That includes the distance it covers, rules and regulations and the number of participants. Afterwards, research on the kind of the training you would need. Jot down how many days you have to workout and how many hours in a day your drills would take. While you can train on your own, it is advisable though to get yourself a trainer particularly if you are a beginner.


Mental And Emotional Preparation. the first thing that anyone should do is to have a motivated will with regards to the activities which have to be pursued. When the training gets tough, you cannot just quit in the middle of it and forget about your dreams. Instill in your heart the desire to improve each time you train. Fill your mind with positive thoughts that will bring encouragement.

Physical Preparation. The physical workout usually takes eight weeks. It is composed of three levels of run such as speed runs, long runs and easy runs. Beginners are first advised to do short runs and slowly increases the speed. This technique is effective to enhance stability and power strength in running marathons. Moreover, endurance and stamina can only be acquired with regular training.

Proper Nutrition. Finally, you must keep your body properly nourished all through out the training and the race day itself. By all means stay away from eating junk foods that cannot even fill your nutritional needs.