Air Door Installation and Its Many Benefits

Air door is a mechanism set to release a stream of high-velocity and temperature controlled air across an opening. Generally, it is situated on top of entrances – creating invisible air curtains.

Air door installation  serves different purposes for many establishments and even at homes. Apart from keeping the air fresh, it provides the following benefits.

cool airColdness or hotness lessened – Designed to thwart the passage of outside air to a place being cooled or heated, air curtain doors help reduce the loss of cold or hot air in that specific area. Air expelled by this device directly strikes the path of an incoming air from the outside. This creates an air wall that seals the quality of air inside the conditioned place even when there is no physical door available.

Dust Particles, fumes, insects, smoke and other pollutants eliminated – This is very important to shops and stores that sell food, medicine and other highly consumable products. A healthy environment for these places can be achieved with air doors as they restrict the contamination of the pollutants that may come in from outdoors. The tough surge of air curtains serves as an excellent block for the penetration of these undesirable elements.

Outside noise deferred – The installment of these devices makes most establishments noise-proof. Thus, you are able to focus on your work more and celebrated events in air-conditioned places become more enjoyable and meaningful.

Energy conserved – Air door creates a thermal fence that reduces the invasion of the outdoor environment inside. During the cold months, frigid air is kept from penetrating a heated place by minimizing cold drafts and circulating warm air from the ceiling. When summer comes, the same place is maintains coolness as this device pushes the hot air away, thus, eliminating humidity and different hotspots inside the building.