Granite Mortar and Pestle – A Must in the Kitchen

mortar-pestleA kitchen’s ambiance is defined by the aroma of herbs and spices battling against each other before they are added to a recipe. These strong flavors could only be released with the use of a mortar and pestle. Although mortar and pestles usually appear as bowls and bats, they vary in sizes, texture and the materials they are made of.

If you will observe keenly while watching your favorite cooking show, a chef’s kitchen would be incomplete with out a mortar and pestle, specifically a granite mortar and pestle. The use of a granite mortar and pestle, at the present time has been popularized by the famed ‘Naked Chef’, Jamie Oliver. He did not only make it renowned but also tagged it as a ‘required modern cooking equipment’.

Advantages of Using Granite Mortar and Pestle

Chefs have a preference for a granite mortar and pestle over a clay, ceramic, glass, marble or wooden one. One of the primary reasons is it never fails to produce the most delicious paste. This is true not only for Thai cooking but for other cuisines as well. In it ingredients are pounded, not crushed, to release and meld their natural oils and fluids. The fine flavors produced from foods ground in a granite mortar and pestle are far superior to the flavors of foods ground in a different mortar and pestle. And electronic devices fall short on this too. The way the heavy stone pestle pounds the ingredients can never be replaced by the grinding motions of an electric device.

Moreover, a granite mortar and pestle is made of stone which is very non-porous. It will not have the tendency to absorb flavors and odors. It is very smooth inside and very easy to clean after each use.

Aside from the pounding credibility and composition of a granite mortar and pestle, a study showed that its use is also beneficial to one’s health. Granite dust, which gets into the ingredients pounded in a granite mortar and pestle, contains 5 percent potassium, and has associated with it 16 minerals. For all we know, Potassium aids the functions of the cells and different organs in our bodies.