Insights on Choosing Matt Cutting Tools for Your Home Decor Projects

A mat cutter is the best tool that one could use in giving a photo or a home decor project a polished and professional look. Individuals who are into perfecting the appearance of their masterpieces should basically own a hand-held mat cutter. This kind of mat cutter has a blade in it that is angled at the proper angle for beveling the mat board as you push the mat cutter along a straight-edge ruler. It is easy to use as it comes with an instructional guide upon purchase and is fit for those who wish to do their matting manually.

matt cuttMat cutters come in both push-type and pull type. For people who are just learning the craft of matting, both types of mat cutter suit their beginner’s skill. These mat cutters usually have indents on their grips which is perfect for any hand size.

Various mat cutters are designed to accommodate different styles of cutting. They could cut ovals, rounds, rectangulars, squares, and other fancy cut mats. Mat cutters may be large and mounted on a wall or they may be small tabletop units. Both types of mat cutters require a plentiful supply of fresh blades. But for more complicated styles of matting, a computerized mat cutter is needed. This kind of mat cutter is used by companies for their products which may require more intricate style details. It combines three technologies to do the cuts in ways that hand-held cutter can never dream accomplish. It includes a computer running mat-design software, an x/y axis motion controller connected to two micro pedal motors, and an air compressor. Its limitations would be on the factor of the software than the hardware.