Tips on Getting Kids Brush Their Teeth

I think kids need supervision while brushing their teeth. Not only do they need help reaching all the teeth, they also need an adult to make sure they don’t decorate the walls with toothpaste!

Here are a few ideas to help make teeth brushing time a better experience.

Brush their teeth during their bath. My little kids take a bath and then rinse off with a shower. During the rinsing time they get a toothbrush (with toothpaste already applied) and they brush while rinsing. They spit into the drain and there is no mess! This tip works really well with young kids who can’t reach the bathroom counter.

Keep the toothbrushes in the kitchen.  I have a friend who keeps the toothbrushes in the kitchen drawer and the kids brush their teeth in the kitchen sink. Since kitchens are bigger than bathrooms it is easier for mom to help the kids brush at the kitchen sink and for some reason there seems to be less mess.

If you are concerned about kids spitting in the kitchen sink, give the sink a quick cleaning after they are finished brushing. Your sink will always be clean!

Put on some music! A dentist friend of mine recommend putting on some music and encouraging your children to brush their teeth for one entire song. Brushing to music will help the time go by quicker.