How to Set-Up the Best Home for Your Pet Beta Fish

As soon as you bring home a Betta fish from a pet store, equip yourself with the essential Betta fish facts that you will need in setting up a home for your pet. Setting up an ideal Betta tank is quite the same with setting up a regular one. However, there are just some special considerations to take note. Below are helpful tips you will need for creating a home for your beloved Betta.

Large Tanks – Known for swimming gracefully in the water, this fish needs enough space at all times. Tanks that can hold eight to ten gallons of water are best for them. Bettas wear long flowing fins that may grow longer through time. They can get easily hurt when their fins get tangled with the plants and other stuff inside the aquarium due to lack of enough swimming space. In addition, they will need surface space as they cannot breathe in the water. They stick their heads out the surface to breathe some air.

Tank Cover, Tank Heater and Water Conditioners – One of the ways on how to care for a Betta fish is to keep it from hurting itself. As we all know, they could be very active. Thus, jumping off the water surface and landing on the floor are likely to happen to your pet. Providing a tank cover can prevent it from such risks and from dying instantly.


Tank heater is another thing that will keep your pet alive in the tank. Bettas are a tropical fish and the ideal water temperature for them is 78 to 80 degrees. Heaters can help you maintain such temperature in your tank.
Afterwards, treat the water in your tank for any presence of chlorine or chloramine. Buy a water conditioner for freshwater tanks. It protects your fish from all forms of chlorine. It also allows your fish to be put in the tank immediately.

Substrates, Plants, And Lighting – Substrates are great for your tank especially when you want some plants in your aquarium. While colorful substrates make tanks better-looking, they are not proven safe for your tank plants and fish. Another of the Betta fish facts to remember is that this fish is also known for their appetite. Colored substrates may have paint that can flake off through time. Your pet can mistake these paint flakes for food. They can die from eating these. So, just go for sand for your substrate.

The best plant you can put in your sand substrate is the Amazon Sword Plant. It is known for generating more oxygen in the tank. They just grow quite quickly, so you got trim them every now and then.
Enough light is also essential for your Betta pet and the good bacteria living in the tank as well. You can either install a light in the tank or place the tank on a spot where ample natural light sets in.