Food Nutrition Labels: Why Read Them

Food Nutrition LabelsDo you know what food nutrition labels are and where they can be found? No? Then, read this post to learn basic facts about them.

Food nutrition labels are often seen at the back of food packages. These tags are as important as the
food contained in each of the packages.

The common name of the item sold is the major information that makes up food nutrition labels. It is followed by the serving size. The serving size is provided so that consumers may be protected from the harms of taking much food in their systems. Those who are having a close watch of their weight must be able to track the amount of calories and fats per serving if they wish to eat more than the recommended serving. With this, they will be able to track how much hours they need to spend in the gym to burn the extra calories.

Apart from weight gain, more serious challenges to a person’s health may be prevented through some helpful information in the package. These are the detailed nutritional facts that include the amount of carbohydrates, cholesterol, saturated fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. As we all know, people with heart disease must stay away from foods with high cholesterol. All these are listed in standard units so that a regular consumer will find it easy to track their amounts. Furthermore, people plagued by certain allergies can avoid eating allergy-causing substances if all the ingredients are listed on the box or packet of food they are purchasing.

On the side of the food companies, packaging and labeling also provide an effective means for them to entice consumers to purchase their products. A creative logo, neat design and vibrant colors can definitely attract shoppers who are browsing through the grocery shelves. Consumers are also attracted by health claims in phrases like ‘decreased possibility of certain cancers’, ‘certified fat-free products’ and ‘energy-giving solution’.