Five Fascinating Facts about Horses

Horses are splendid creatures. They are known for their beauty, grace and power. It’s no wonder many people have become interested in them.

Horses were originally bred by their owners for work purposes – pulling carts, tilling farms and transporting goods and people from one place to another. Over time, horses are bred for races and riding competitions. They are also often raised as pets.

Are you fascinated by horses? Here are some facts you should know.

1. There are over 300 horse breeds around the world. Horses come in many different colors, sizes and have vastly differing abilities. These are classified into three breed types –cold, hot and warm bloods. These categorizations do not refer to the actual temperature of the horse’s blood, which remains constant within the wide range of horse breeds. It actually groups the horse breeds into three different types.

Cold bloods are the work horses. They’re bred for their strength. Hot bloods are the race horses. They’re bred for their speed. Warm bloods are show horses. They’re bred for both their strength and speed.

2. Horses sleep standing up. In fact they sleep more hours standing up than lying down. They sleep only for a short number of hours but sleep more frequently during the day a day, because of their fear of predators. The quality of their sleep is affected by their diet, the temperature and their workload.

3. Horses’ ages are determined by their teeth. Equine dentists estimate how long horses have lived by examining their teeth. There are instances where horses live longer than their teeth. It is imperative that horses need proper dental and oral care.

4. The life expectancy of a horse is more than thirty years. There have been significant technological advancements in equine health care, helping these beautiful creatures live longer than previously. The oldest horse recorded in equine history lived for 52 years.

5. Horses are measured in hands. The hand is the standard measurement for determining a horse’s height. Ponies measure less than 14.2 hands. However, miniature horses are measured in centimeters and not in hands.

There are many other equally interesting facts about horses besides those listed above. Do you want to discover more? Here’s an infographic from Horseland you will enjoy reading.

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