Microwave 101 – Food Items You Shouldn’t Pop in the Microwave

Microwaves are created to heat certain kinds of food only. Heating in it wrong food items and food containers can cause harmful chemicals to get exposed. This can result to poisoning or fire.  Take note of the following things you shouldn’t be sticking inside the microwave.

Food Items

Breastmilk – According to research, microwaving frozen breastmilk destroy proteins in it that help boost the immune system. It also warms the breastmilk unevenly.

Hard boiled eggs – Hard boiled eggs will explode as steam level increases inside them due to the rapid heat produced by the microwave.

Frozen meats – Frozen meats can cook unevenly when popped inside the microwave oven. This can cause bacteria to form in the uncooked parts.


Food Containers

Take out boxes with metal handles – Metal – no matter how small it is – will surely conduct fire when heated inside the microwave.

Plastic containers – Plastics contain estrogen-like chemicals that can transfer on food when heated. Studies show that even plastic containers labeled “BPA-free” release estrogen-like chemicals when microwaved or cleaned in a dish washer.

Styrofoam containers – Styrofoam is a kind of plastic that release harmful chemicals into your food when heated.

Travel mugs – These are made of stainless steel which block the heat from warming your coffee or tea. This can damage your microwave.

Old mugs – Mugs that were manufactured before 1960’s are usually made of materials that could give off radiation when heated. They can also contain lead and other harmful heavy metals that can poison the liquid contained in them.