Get Your Home Summer Ready with These Insights

Summer is just around the corner and so you must get your house ready for it in the sonnest possible time. When preparing your house, you must think of appropriate home improvements too in addition to setting up beautiful summer decors. Do you need a guide on getting started with this? Read up.

w9yd3sz2vlt83837vpqy1) Alter the direction of your ceiling fan – Ceiling fans must blow air down to give the house a breeze and make it feel cooler. Change your fan’s direction in order for it to function like that.

2) Insulate your doors and windows – This will keep the warm air out. For the doors, make sure that the weather stripping is intact and providing a good seal. For the windows, make sure there are no cracking, splitting, or peeling of the seals.

3) Use compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. These bulbs give off less heat than regular incandescent bulbs. Thus, they cause less impact on the temperature of the room.

4) Plant a shade tree by your air condition unit. By providing some shade over your air conditioner’s outside unit, it will be able to run more efficiently.

45a33b2757dc95861fcf4c31a30dcdf1When you’re done with the improvements, you can go on with the following summer decoration ideas.

1) Use more natural materials. Cotton, wood, rattan, and wicker are great materials to start integrating into your space.

2) Let the sunshine in by getting rid of your thick curtains.

3) Add some green to your home. Display pots of herb plants in the different areas of your house.


How to Help to Your Child Deal with Jealousy

Contrary to popular belief, jealousy starts at home. Kids who have been the only children in their families usually feel jealous when a new baby comes along. This is because they see the new member as a threat – that all the attention and privileges they enjoy will soon be gone as they’re no longer the youngest.

Although jealousy between siblings is normal, it must not be left unresolved because it can result to friction, verbal abuse and physical violence. You can always help your child to respond appropriately to the calls of jealousy. The following tips will show you how.


Prepare your child – Not all surprises are welcomed by children with open arms. And having a baby brother or sister is one of these surprises. Inform your child about the coming of a new family member. Instead of teasing your child about the changes or the privileges she might lose, encourage her to be a caring, loving and responsible older siblings. Tell her the joys of having siblings based on your personal experience.

Don’t take sides – Once your newborn has grown into a kid, don’t take her side all the time when she gets into a fight with her older sibling. Hear out both sides and be ready to discipline both of them appropriately to prevent jealousy from brewing.

Initiate bonding – Create an opportunity for the siblings to bond often. They are less likely to fight if they enjoy each other’ company. Moreover, this will help them love and care for each other without having you remind them again and again.

Best Eating Habits for a Long Life

The early people believe that the  main purpose of eating is longevity, happiness and good health. With this, they engaged themselves in eating rituals which they faithfully observe on a daily basis. Keen to know some of these rituals? Read up.

Never eat alone. Eat with your family and friends. Most centenarians treat mealtime as a special event of thanksgiving and bonding with their loved ones. Practice sharing stories, cracking jokes and talking out problems While eating with loved ones. Never eat while standing up, working or driving. You can get stressed from doing so and your food digestion and metabolism will be affected. You are more most likely to over eat when you’re eating while doing something else.

praying before eating

Pray before you eat. Saying grace before eating is a great opportunity to slow down. It allows you to stay calm and to focus on the food on your plate. As you enjoy every bit of your food, you are less likely to overeat. Hence, you will find it easier to shed pounds and to stop eating when you’re about 80 percent full.

Eat a big breakfast. This saying will remind you how to eat in every mealtime: “Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper.” Eeating a huge breakfast is like front-loading calories. By eating a big portion of your calories for the day during breakfast, you are able to burn it through out the day as you work. Thus, you lose weight instead of gaining weight.