Best Eating Habits for a Long Life

The early people believe that the  main purpose of eating is longevity, happiness and good health. With this, they engaged themselves in eating rituals which they faithfully observe on a daily basis. Keen to know some of these rituals? Read up.

Never eat alone. Eat with your family and friends. Most centenarians treat mealtime as a special event of thanksgiving and bonding with their loved ones. Practice sharing stories, cracking jokes and talking out problems While eating with loved ones. Never eat while standing up, working or driving. You can get stressed from doing so and your food digestion and metabolism will be affected. You are more most likely to over eat when you’re eating while doing something else.

praying before eating

Pray before you eat. Saying grace before eating is a great opportunity to slow down. It allows you to stay calm and to focus on the food on your plate. As you enjoy every bit of your food, you are less likely to overeat. Hence, you will find it easier to shed pounds and to stop eating when you’re about 80 percent full.

Eat a big breakfast. This saying will remind you how to eat in every mealtime: “Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper.” Eeating a huge breakfast is like front-loading calories. By eating a big portion of your calories for the day during breakfast, you are able to burn it through out the day as you work. Thus, you lose weight instead of gaining weight.