How to Boost Your Productivity When Working from Home

home-office-clean1Are you one of the many employees who are now allowed by their  bosses to work from home? Yes? Well, congratulations! This might come as a relief  during the first weeks but a burden when  it has gone longer and you cannot motivate yourself to be productive any more.

Create a distraction-free office – It will definitely be harder for your whole being to focus on work  when you’re at home. It’s because your mind and body knows that is the place where you rest and play. Also, it is a place filled  with distractions – TV, pets, neighbors, kids, etc. Therefore, it is a must for a you to dedicate a quiet area in your house as your official home office.

Be physically ready to work – Brush your teeth and take a shower after exercising or running in the morning. Don’t go straight to your computer to work once you wake up. Chances are you will be sleepy while working.

Follow a schedule – Believe it or not, adults are comforted by routines just like kids. You’re most likely to accomplish a lot of tasks if you have a definite schedule to follow day in and day out. This also disciplines you to stay working on a task until you’re completely done. You can have a break every two or three hours of working straight. Make sure that your breaks are not longer than your work time.

Post a to do list – A to do list will help you see clearly if you have been productive  through out the day  or not. Before going to bed at night, list down all the things you need accomplished the next day. Use time blocks or limits in achieving each task so that you don’t have to waste time thinking how you can finish everything all through out the day.

Communicate with your boss and co-workers proactively – Contact your boss and co-workers often. Don’t wait for them to call you especially when you need to update them about a project or task. This will help you get things on the right track. This will also make you feel still part of team – of a real company for that matter.