Dog Euthanasia – When to Say Goodbye to Your Pet

Putting your dog to sleep is really a difficult decision to make. He’s practically part of the family and losing him will definitely be painful. However, there are instances when this is the best thing that you can do for your beloved pet. Here are some of them.

Terminal illness – If your dog has been diagnosed of terminal illness, ask your veterinarian what to expect at the next stages of  his illness.

Significant pain – Does your dog groan in even after taking medications? This could be  a signal that his medications are no longer working.

Poor quality of life – How’s your dog’s life going to be like? If he can no longer stand up, get down stairs, defecate, and urinate on his own, the quality of his life is pretty poor. He will just be extremely lonely for the rest of his days if he lacks quality in life.

Expensive treatments needed – Can you afford your dog’s treatment and medication? Many owners have acquired debts for their pets’ treatments only to find out that their pets can no longer make it.

Lack of appetite – Your dog is about to die if he no longer wants to eat. He will just become weaker each day if there’s no food in his body.

Extending your dog’s life for your own reasons is quite selfish. You must be ready to decide and to do what’s good for your pet even though it’s going to be painful.