My Thoughts on Having a Backyard Pool

Owning a backyard pool is like a dream come to most homeowners. As for me, it would like having an oasis in the heat of summer where I can relax and have fun with my family. Apart from personal entertainment and relaxation, here are other reasons why I would like to have a pool in my backyard:

  • It’s an ideal venue for kiddie parties and other family events.
  • It’s cool to entertain guests by the pool.
  • It adds attraction and value to any residential property.
  • It provides a cheap way to cool off during warm months.
  • It displaces a lawn. (Yay! I hate mowing grass.)
  • Swimming provides health benefits to kids and adults.
  • Water activities are therapeutic to troubled kids.

I know for a fact that owning a pool has its downside too. Here are the disadvantages that come to my mind:

  • It opens up the risk of drowning to kids who cannot swim.
  • You won’t be able to use it during the winter months when it’s too cold.
  • It needs to be maintained throughout the year.
  • Older pools need regular repairs which  are added expense to your initial investment.
  • If you decide to sell your house in the future, you might have fewer prospective buyers. Some people don’t like houses with swimming pools.

Your swimming pool construction budget is the next thing you must consider once you decide to have a backyard pool. Some people see pool ownership as a luxury while some people see it as a necessity. It all depends on your personal values and the money you can afford to spend on its installation and maintenance.

Watch this short video about pool costs I found online. It can give you an idea on how to prepare your finances for your future backyard pool.

Your family can benefit  a lot from a pool if you research and prepare appropriately for its construction. Contact a credible contractor to avoid unnecessary and expensive problems with regard to your backyard pool project.