Marathon – Is This Sport for You?

We often see moms running marathons in order to manage their weight and keep their bodies in top shape effectively. For sure, you once thought of running a marathon too for the same reasons. Before putting on your running shoes and hitting the race tracks, read the following marathon information first so you can decide whether this sport is for you.


The two terms that we often hear when it comes to running talks are sprints and marathons. Sprints are the shortest races ever practiced that aim to glorify the athlete of greatest endurance and speed. Because they only last for a few seconds, sprinters are trained to cover the entire set distance at their fastest time. Usually, it is ten seconds.

Sprinters can engage to short sprints, middle distance races and long distance races according to their interest and running skills. The shortest sprints are in between 60m to 600m. The middle and long distance are at 800m to 300m and 5,000m to 10,000m respectively. They both can be completed in ten to 40 minutes. Because of the distance and time details, they barely hold the term sprint.

While sprints are still known these days, marathons are the ones that are gaining much popularity from professional and occasional runners. These running events are no longer held as sole competition of strength, speed and endurance. They turn out to be an enjoyable way to promote a cause or lose weight. It has been observed that marathon participants in general are more inclined to finishing the race leisurely and out-beating their personal bests.

Just like sprints, it has three types that are according to the distances they cover. Marathons may be described as half, full or ultra-marathon. To begin with, let us understand what a full marathon and we’ll use it as a key point to understanding the other two types. A full marathon covers 26.2 miles running distance. From it half marathons were designed which entail around 13.1 running distance. Ultra marathons, conversely, is almost double of it. Half marathon training programs are ideal for beginners who primarily want to manage their weight and can’t follow a strict training schedule.

For those ready for high volume training programs, a full marathon is a perfect choice. If you desire to run a good full marathon, you must keep yourself fit for running at least 20 miles weekly as it is the minimum mileage in competitions under this category. Whether or not they win the prize, full marathon runners are esteemed higher than the half marathon runners.

Consequently, ultra-marathon runners are hailed heroes of the sport. Their stamina makes them finish a usual ultra-marathon of 100 miles in no time. Besides the said distance, elevations and rough terrains are the added challenges for this race type. Some ultra-marathons last for many hours or even for more than a day. And what makes them hard to complete at times for the participants is the presence of violent weather changes during the entire race.