How to Have a Happier Co-Parenting Relationship in 2018

Co-parenting is a skill than you can improve with practice. Read on for tips on how you can get along better with your ex.

Practice good communication skills. Don’t use the written word as a weapon! The purpose of emails and texts is to deliver facts and logistics, not to lash out at your co-parent, or try to convince him of the error of his ways. Keeping your messages simple and devoid of emotion will help maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship.

Get over being angry. It’s easy to become addicted to anger. It distracts you from the difficult task of creating a whole new life. It keeps you psychologically entangled with your co-parent, which is the exact opposite of what you want if you’re to move forward. If you find that you’re constantly marinating in bitterness, get professional help to work through your anger.

Follow the court orders. Pay child support on time. Stick to the visitation schedule. Handle shared child-related expenses as set forth in your agreement. Making a unilateral decision to ignore your court order will certainly pull your children into conflict and possibly result in less custody for you.

Be polite. Say please and thank you. Tell your ex you appreciate his efforts to be a good co-parent (even if he or she is not as “good” as you want). Treating your former spouse with respect and highlighting his positive behaviors will encourage him to do the same.

Respect your ex’s time with the kids. Don’t call, text or FaceTime your kids multiple times during your ex’s visitation. Don’t make your kids feel guilty for having a good time with their other parent. Don’t try to chip away at visitation by being late for drop-offs or keeping the kids longer than allowed. No matter what you think of your ex, he has a right to his parenting time.

Respect co-parenting rules. Some divorced couples are able to agree on basic rules: discipline, bedtimes, policies about electronics and homework. If you agreed to do something, follow through. Otherwise, your ex will be less inclined to hold up their end of the bargain.


Three Best Ways to Hire the Right Nanny

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Almost all moms today go back to work after a few months they’ve given birth due to financial concerns. Hence, they’re faced with the need to hire a reliable nanny who will take care of their newborns while they’re not at home. Do you find yourself in similar situation? Read the rest of this post to get some ideas on finding the best carer for your child.

Have definite requirements. How do you want your future nanny to be? Do you want a nanny who will treat your child as her own? Do you want a nanny who will instill values in your child? Or, do you want a nanny who will attend to your child’s needs only? Take the time to list all the characteristics and skills you’re looking for in a nanny. Finalize it before putting up an ad.

Advertise. You can contact an agency to put up an ad for your need to hire a nanny. Hiring a nanny through an agency might require you to pay extra. It could be an added expense but you can be sure that all applicants will be screened thoroughly. You can also post your ads in your social media accounts. Tag your family, friends and relatives. They might be able to recommend a trustworthy nanny who they know personally.

Interview applicants. Make a short list of applicants who have passed all your requirements. Take note of their individual attitudes and experience in child care. Compose questions which reflect your concerns and the values you’re looking for in a nanny. Allow the applicants to share their personal and professional experiences while baby sitting or working as a nanny. This will help you peek into the real personalities of your applicants.