Three Best Tips on Cleaning Stainless Steal Cutlery

6a00d83451b96069e2014e8be14d5b970d-800wiStainless steel cutlery is made up of iron alloy. This element makes such cutlery difficult to stain. Nonetheless, it doesn’t provide protection against fingerprints and other marks that can alter your cutlery’s neat appearance. Do you have forks, knives and spoons that no longer look shiny because of stain? Here are the best practices you can observe to maintain the polished appearance of your utensils.

  1. Take note that you must remove excess food from your cutlery the soonest possible time. When excess food are let to stay on your cutlery for a long time, the salt and acids in them will cause gradual damage on your stainless steel utensils. In connection to this, clean them in a mixture of hot water and dishwashing liquid.
  2. Remove water spots with the use of a clean, dry and non-abrasive cloth. Do not use a blower or any drying tool for your cutlery. Just hand dry them. They  are less likely to have unwanted natural drying marks when you dry them sooner than later.
  3. Try natural cleaning solutions if  your dishwashing liquid can’t remove the marks  on your cutlery. These include vinegar, cider, lemon juice, olive oil and soda water.
  • To polish with vinegar or cider, buff your cutlery in a circular motion with a soft damp cloth lightly dampened with cider or undiluted white vinegar.
  • If you  ought to use soda water, rinse the cutlery in the liquid and dry immediately with a dry non-abrasive cloth.
  • Lemon juice and olive oil can both be applied with a soft dry cloth, gently rubbing away at the stain.

Top Ways To Remain Clutter Free

After you have cleaned your house, then it is best to remain your home clutter free. Is it easy to do? Read these tips and see if you can implement these on your home today.

Think twice before buying a product.

Aside from saving money, bringing in new stuff at home can also hurt your goal of keeping it clutter free. So think if you really need to buy that product before taking it inside your house.


Implement One In, One Out rule

I do this at home and it helps me control the number of stuff that I have to organize and clean. Whenever I need to buy say, a shirt, I keep an old shirt in a box for donation. That’s easy to do isn’t it?

Take a picture of your clean home.

Pictures speak a thousand words. So the next time you fail to clean or think that you are going back to your old habits, take a look at your ‘once cleaned house’. The beauty of a clean and neat place will definitely prompt you to do something to keep it that way.

Do routine clean ups on a weekly basis.

Again, this doesn’t have to be a tiring task, if you are doing your best to keep your home clean. Take things away for donation, purge, throw, do something to minimize the number of stuff you have. You will definitely do yourself a favor in a long run by spending only a few minutes to keep things in order.

Easy Ways To Clean Tile Grout

Do you hate cleaning tile grouts? I share the same sentiments. Cleaning tire grouts, especially inside the bathroom can really be time consuming and tiring. That is why I am sharing some ways to clean tile grout, without having to spend longer hours in the process.

Combine baking soda with white vinegar in a cup. This will form a foam, then use the toothbrush to spread the solution on grout lines. Leave it for 10 minutes then scrub the grout lines using the toothbrush and wipe the dirt away.

You can also clean it using thick bleach, but you have to leave the solution longer, say 15 minutes at the most, before using a nylon brush and wipe the dirt as usual.

Now for a fast cleaning option, spray Mr. Muscle Mold and Mildew solution on the grout lines (I’m not receiving compensation for this, just to be clear) then leave it for 5 minutes then wipe the dirt away. Just make sure to use long gloves since the solution can be irritating to the skin.

image credit: carpetcleaningbattle

These are different ways I tried to clean my bathroom grout. Just try one tip at a time as it is not safe to mix cleaning chemicals in one area at a time.

Cheap Cleaning Aids For A Clean Home

Do you want to save money and still maintain a clean home? Well, there are a lot of ways to save your hard earned dollars just by using cheap yet effective cleaning supplies. Here are some of them:


White Vinegar

You can use this to clean windows, glass in tables, ceramic sinks and even disinfect your tiles and garage floor. All you need to do is to put one cup of white vinegar to one cup of water and put inside a clean spray bottle for quick cleaning. You can also put 2-3 cups of white vinegar, mixed with water in a pail and then use this to disinfect your tiles and garage floor after cleaning.


For those who cannot afford to stand the smell of white vinegar, then you can use bleach as an alternative. Mix equal parts of bleach and water to dilute before cleaning your sinks and tiles. This is an inexpensive cleaning aid to keep your sinks, tiles and floors clean.

Laundry Soap

Some use bar detergent mixed with water, while some use powder laundry detergent to clean surfaces.

These are just some cheap cleaning aids that you can use to maintain a squeaky clean home. What about you? Do you use some other inexpensive cleaning aids aside from what I mentioned above? Feel free to share it here.

Do You Follow A Certain Schedule In House Cleaning?

If you have been working for forty hours a week for years now, then you must have had a cleaning schedule that works for you. Then what is your cleaning schedule? Here’s mine:

I clean the house on weekly basis, this means running a really good sweep on the floor and change beddings as well as making our workstations immaculate. 🙂

But please don’t take my word for it, because sometimes I fail to follow that schedule, I sometimes do more than once a week or once every two weeks. I believe that cleaning schedule isn’t meant to be written on stone, it really depends on what works for you.


There are times when the house is still clean that you do not need to do some general sweep and mop, while there are times when it should be on top of the list especially when your house gets flooded or after your pets run around your house.

What about you? Do you follow a certain schedule in house cleaning?

Cleaning The House On Weekends

Every homeowner knows that house cleaning chores take a lot of time and effort, especially if they are going to do it themselves.

And that is what I am experiencing lately. Because I refuse to hire a househelp, I have to literally extend my arms and legs just to keep my house neat and clean. I use a combination of natural and commercial cleaning aids, of course. Here are some of them:


Lemon – cleans a lot in the kitchen (microwave, stove top, chopping boards, sinks)


White Vinegar – has 101 uses for every homemaker. I use this one for a lot of cleaning around the house as well.


Bleach – helps clean some hard to reach areas, perfect for cleaning the bathroom as well.


Liquid Detergent – for laundry and other washing and cleaning tasks around the house. I use a different cleaner for washing the dishes.

What about you? What are your trusted cleaning aids? Do you also clean your house on weekends or have another schedule for this task?