Top Five Foods You Must Eat to Combat Flu

fluAre you knock down by flu? If you’re not comfortable to take some medication, why don’t you try some super foods that can improve your condition? Here is a short list of foods that you can take when you get flu symptoms.

Chew some raw garlic –  Garlic contains compounds called allion and allicin. They have direct anti-viral effects which combat flu. Doctors advice flu sufferers to chew  raw garlic every two to three hours. Some people cut garlic cloves into small pieces because they cannot bear the taste.

Eat raw onions – Just like garlic, onion is rich with allicin. Eat a whole onion every one to two hours. It is better if it’s raw.  You can mix it with your meal.

Take some spices – Spices like turmeric and cinnamon are packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants help boost the immune system. Take a spoonful of spices daily until flu symptoms are gone.

Eat a cup of blueberries – All berries  have antioxidant qualities but blueberries have the most of them. Eat at least a cup of raw blueberries every day so that you can stay healthy during the flu season. If you can’t find fresh berries during the colder months, stock up on the frozen variety.

Sip some hot chicken soup – Chicken soup is rich with protein which the body needs in fighting flu. According to some researches, hot chicken soup changes the temperature in the nose and throat areas. These areas get warm when you eat chicken soap. Cold viruses don’t like to  exist in such an environment.




Microwave 101 – Food Items You Shouldn’t Pop in the Microwave

Microwaves are created to heat certain kinds of food only. Heating in it wrong food items and food containers can cause harmful chemicals to get exposed. This can result to poisoning or fire.  Take note of the following things you shouldn’t be sticking inside the microwave.

Food Items

Breastmilk – According to research, microwaving frozen breastmilk destroy proteins in it that help boost the immune system. It also warms the breastmilk unevenly.

Hard boiled eggs – Hard boiled eggs will explode as steam level increases inside them due to the rapid heat produced by the microwave.

Frozen meats – Frozen meats can cook unevenly when popped inside the microwave oven. This can cause bacteria to form in the uncooked parts.


Food Containers

Take out boxes with metal handles – Metal – no matter how small it is – will surely conduct fire when heated inside the microwave.

Plastic containers – Plastics contain estrogen-like chemicals that can transfer on food when heated. Studies show that even plastic containers labeled “BPA-free” release estrogen-like chemicals when microwaved or cleaned in a dish washer.

Styrofoam containers – Styrofoam is a kind of plastic that release harmful chemicals into your food when heated.

Travel mugs – These are made of stainless steel which block the heat from warming your coffee or tea. This can damage your microwave.

Old mugs – Mugs that were manufactured before 1960’s are usually made of materials that could give off radiation when heated. They can also contain lead and other harmful heavy metals that can poison the liquid contained in them.



Food Nutrition Labels: Why Read Them

Food Nutrition LabelsDo you know what food nutrition labels are and where they can be found? No? Then, read this post to learn basic facts about them.

Food nutrition labels are often seen at the back of food packages. These tags are as important as the
food contained in each of the packages.

The common name of the item sold is the major information that makes up food nutrition labels. It is followed by the serving size. The serving size is provided so that consumers may be protected from the harms of taking much food in their systems. Those who are having a close watch of their weight must be able to track the amount of calories and fats per serving if they wish to eat more than the recommended serving. With this, they will be able to track how much hours they need to spend in the gym to burn the extra calories.

Apart from weight gain, more serious challenges to a person’s health may be prevented through some helpful information in the package. These are the detailed nutritional facts that include the amount of carbohydrates, cholesterol, saturated fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. As we all know, people with heart disease must stay away from foods with high cholesterol. All these are listed in standard units so that a regular consumer will find it easy to track their amounts. Furthermore, people plagued by certain allergies can avoid eating allergy-causing substances if all the ingredients are listed on the box or packet of food they are purchasing.

On the side of the food companies, packaging and labeling also provide an effective means for them to entice consumers to purchase their products. A creative logo, neat design and vibrant colors can definitely attract shoppers who are browsing through the grocery shelves. Consumers are also attracted by health claims in phrases like ‘decreased possibility of certain cancers’, ‘certified fat-free products’ and ‘energy-giving solution’.

Must-Read Facts Before Buying a Mini Freezer

Compact-FreezerFood is one of the basic needs of mankind. There have been a variety of edible items from ‘junk’ to ‘organic’ which we consider food. However we may call them, we are always troubled about keeping them fresh everyday or just for a time before they end up as digestive juices in our stomachs. Consequently, this concern caused the invention of freezers.

Mini freezers are the best buddies of people who love to travel. Fishing fanatics are the first patrons of mini freezers. Campers patronize them too.  A mini freezer is a cooling piece of equipment that keeps highly perishable goods fresh. Cooked food and canned beverages can also be stored in a mini freezer. Some manufacturers designed mini freezers that can produce instant ice.  Although mini freezers are very portable, they vary in size as according to their storage capacity. Some mini freezers are just capable of handling cans or bottles of beers and sodas. But there are mini freezers which have extra space for packed foods along side with canned drinks.

In order for one to save money in purchasing a mini freezer, here are some points which should be reflected on:

  • Determine first your reason for a buying a mini freezer.
  • Decide on the size of the mini freezer you need. Ask yourself the stuffs you are going to fill it with. After which, you may also decide if you will go for mini freezers with shelves.
  • Resolve on the inside and outside features that you need.
  • As mentioned earlier, prices of mini freezers differ. So, you should consider your budget to avoid shelling out extra money.


Healthy Banana Bread for Kids – How To Make One

Healthy banana bread is fast becoming a first choice snack among parents who want their kids to be healthy. This bread is so easy to make that it can be made at the comfort of one’s home. Following are the tips in making this healthy  snack a lot healthier.Banana-Bread

Replace Regular Flour With Wheat Flour – No one can deny the fact that most pastries has regular flour as one of their main ingredients. While it is popular, it proven unhealthy to some extent. To achieve a bread or pastry batter that is low in carbohydrates and sugar content, use flour that is made from whole wheat or sprouted grain instead. They are rich in Lysine and amino acids. This makes them fit for healthy banana recipes.

Replace White Sugar With Artificial Sweeteners – This tip is ideal to those who want to enjoy a delectable banana bread without worrying too much on their sugar levels. This snack actually needs a good amount of sugar to make it sweet and tasty. By choosing the right alternatives, you can  still give it that richness and sweetness in flavor.

Replace Full Cream Milk With Skim Milk – Full cream milk is responsible for giving your batter that creamy texture. However, it is responsible for giving banana bread eaters the extra pounds as well. If you want a balance of taste and health, consider using low fat milk or skim milk when doing recipes with bananas. Skim can give you that creamy taste without giving you the unnecessary fats.

Black And White Truffles – What Are They?

Black and white truffles are often confused with chocolates. The truth is: they are seasonal mushrooms which grow only in certain parts of the world. They are dubbed as diamonds in the kitchen of luxurious hotels and restaurants because of their extraordinary taste and expensive cost.

Unlike the regular mushrooms which can be used generously in most dishes, truffles are used by most chefs sparingly in their recipes. This is not just because they’re expensive but also because they’ve got a pungent earthy taste. Thus, you will see dishes where these mushrooms are simply grated on top.

Generally, truffles are classified as Black Perigord and White Winter. They’re imported from France and Italy respectively. Although they’re both expensive, the white ones cost more than the black ones at 2500 dollars per pound. Black truffles cost about 850 dollars per pound. Truffles are mushrooms that grow underground and they can only be discovered with the help of sows. These days, however, many dogs have already been trained to hunt for truffles underground.


What You Need To Know About Truffles

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The distorted shape of truffles usually gives the impression that they are hard to cook. They are easy to cook but they don’t work with many, if not all recipes. They are best used with eggs, cream, butter or sauces in dishes. This explains why you will often see truffle omelets and sandwiches.

There are other food products which are made out of these exotic mushrooms like truffle-flavoured chocolates and popcorn; truffle oil and truffle wine. Truffle wine is best sipped while eating cheese. Their individual tastes truly complement each other. Truffle oil, on the other hand, is best used for adding a distinct tang in cooked dishes.

If you want more information about truffles or truffle dishes, just go online and search for related topics. You’ll be surprised to find a lot of information about these rare mushrooms.

Beating Memory Loss With Good Food

Did you know that poor memory can also be caused by poor eating habits? So, this means you can beat memory gap if even though you’re already advancing in years.

Let us first identify the bad foods to avoid before we go on the healthy foods to feast on.

Foods that rich in saturated fats and transfats are first in the list. They come in the form of processed foods, junk foods and fast foods. Added sugars and syrups come next in the list. They are man-made sugars that affect a person’s metabolism rate and but also the brain’s normal functions. Lastly, there are the grains. All types of grains qualify here except the whole grains.

To keep your brain functioning normally, below are the top foods to note in to your grocery list:

1) Whole grains – They are perfect in providing the brain the energy it needs in performing daily tasks. When you eat them, you fill find it easier to concentrate as they cause enough blood to circulate in the brain.

2) Blueberries and Tomatoes – Both are known in freeing the brain from potential cell damage. Thus, memory is improved and possibility of memory loss is delayed.

3) Blackcurrant – These fruits are helpful in supplying an overflow of vitamin C in the brain. Vitamin C is helpful in increasing your mental agility.