Top Reasons Why You Should Have a Garden

Do you ever wonder  why many people pursue having a garden even though it entails extra chores? It is because keeping one comes with many benefits to your family and to your community.

1) Provision for healthy food – Not all gardens are built for beautification purposes. Some people grow organic gardens in their backyard to take advantage of healthy produce. And since they’re growing their own food, they save more money because they no longer buy from grocery stores.

2) Exercise – Research shows that you can burn up to 300-400 calories an hour with moderate gardening.  Cardio and aerobic exercises are both incorporated in gardening.

3) Beautiful background – It’s always relaxing to stare at a beautiful landscape with flowering plants and towering trees. A garden  looks equally beautiful and refreshing even though it’s simply planted with vegetables and other crops.

Father-and-Son-gardening-300x1994) Children’s Development – Researches show that garden-based education improves academic performance.  Gardening also gives children immeasurable life skills so that they can become independent. It also shows them a way to sustainability.

5) Personal Time and Personal Achievement – Gardening provides an outlet for your own personal time. Some women get into gardening in order to release they get from work and from family. If you take the time to build a garden, your creative genius will be unleashed. Moreover, you will have a creative use of your time instead of worrying. Seeing your garden grow and flourish  will give you a feeling of satisfaction and personal growth. You will be able to believe that you can do something positive despite hardships in life.


All You Need to Know About Planning a Garden

house-garden-planA well-maintained garden is not only known for providing extra beauty to a residential property. It also serves different purposes during the different seasons of the year. Therefore, its construction must be planned according to how you may want to use it or benefit from it.

Perhaps, you want to grow organic foods and you do not have the luxury of space. Consider having a portable greenhouse. If you have enough outdoor space, divide the garden layout into functional zones. These zones could be the decorative plants area, crops area, fruit-bearing plants area and the recreation area.

Moving forward, take note of the ecological condition of the land you plan to cultivate. This involves the amount of sunlight it receives, humidity, and richness of the soil to name a few. Next, think of how you want it to look like. For example, you are planning a garden for your flower shop business. Where would you want to grow the daisies, gerberas, orchids and other flowers? How about the irrigation system? Where are you going to position the shed for your gardening tools? These and other lay out intricacies are important to pay attention to.

Gardening can get you very excited especially when your plants start growing, multiplying or bearing fruits. Such excitement might cause you to extend the boundaries of your garden in a later time. If this thought comes to you, think of how its regular maintenance going to be. Would you doing all the dirty stuff on your own? Or would you hiring an extra hand? Most garden owners lose zest in keeping their place when chores pile up. Think carefully if you don’t want to experience the same thing.

If you are not that confident in your gardening or planning skills, contact an expert in the industry that can help you. Although consultations come with fees, you will be surprised that they are not that expensive after all.