Surprising Uses of Fireplace Ashes

fireplace ashesAshes, or wood residue, from the fireplace may be unpleasant at times, but they can also bring a variety of benefits. If you aren’t sure what to do with the pile of wood residue your fireplace produces, the following ideas might give you a different perspective and may prove helpful

Remove Skunk Odor from Your Pets – Curious pets can come home quite smelly. Fortunately a small scoop of the snow-like dust from your wood fireplace can help deodorize animal fur.

Spruce up Your Lawn – Certain lawns and soils can greatly benefit from a little wood residue. Small amounts of ash added to a little water can liven the grass and even promote its growth. Keep in mind, however, that adding too much can be toxic rather than beneficial.

Help Your Trees and Plants – Trees can also benefit from the white mess your fireplace produces. Hardwood ash produced in your fireplace can be spread at the tree’s base to help improve the nutrition of the tree and the surrounding soil. The potassium within helps plants to bloom and flower. If you plant tomatoes in your garden you may want to add a little of the white powder inside the hole with the seed to improve growth.

Remove Stains – Have you ever spilled paint on concrete? Perhaps you have stubborn water spots or stains on your favorite pieces of furniture? Just scoop a little of that lovely white mess out of your fireplace and add a little water to make the problems disappear. For paint spills, simply put it on top of the spill. For marks on furniture, add a little of the white powder and water to a soft rag and gently scrub the surface before wiping it off with a clean, non-abrasive rag.

Avoid Insects and Rodents – You aren’t the only one who doesn’t like the product that builds up in your fireplace. Insects and rodents don’t care for it either, which makes it a great repellent. Spreading an even layer in your garden and flower beds will help to keep snails and other pests from ruining your harvest.

Melt Ice – It has been said that a little sprinkle of ash from your wood burning unit can help melt icy pathways. It may track indoors if used in high traffic areas, but to help unfreeze gardens and other areas, a light layer can help to defrost icy places.


A Few Efficient Upgrades To Do In Your Home


Energy is becoming more expensive and so there is a greater call for families to save costs in paying electric bills. This cuts away debt and may even help save some dollars, great to use for other family expenses. Listed below are a few quick changes that can be made within the house and expose your family to an energy efficient home without breaking the bank.

Look for that famous energy star symbol.

This certification goes a long way towards keeping technology help in making your appliances energy efficient. This will not only improve the bill, but it can also improve the environment around the home. Think of this before you let go of your appliances and purchase another one.

Begin purchasing recyclable materials.

Get rid of more kitchen waste and trash and begin purchasing recyclable materials. Having a green home does not only mean cutting on energy costs but also making conscious choices wherever possible.

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Tips On Conserving Energy With Small Renovations

Looking for tips on doing home renovations while conserving energy in the process? I know it is difficult, especially when it comes to thinking on where to begin. But doing these little home improvement projects can help you save money and have a happy and more livable home for you and your family.

Replace filters when needed.

Look around the house and check your appliances. If you have some filters that needed replacement then do it. Do not wait for your appliances to get broken down because of these filters.


Take down older windows.

Make your windows more energy efficient by caulking windows and putting weatherstripping around doorways. This might require you to shell out money, but doing this will definitely help you conserve energy in the process.

Look at the function of water saving shower heads and water heaters.

Many water-saving shower heads available in the marketplace today helps you to conserve water supply and provide options for flow rates. Look for a brand that provides you with a good list of water-saving shower heads so you can choose the best one for your shower area.

This goes the same with your water heaters, but do not just buy another one right away. Contact your previous supplier and ask if there are some energy saving versions available for sale. You may get good offers and discounts especially if you will let them know that you are one of their previous customers.

Being a responsible homeowner is easy if you know how to do some renovations that can improve the condition of your home as well as help you make your space a more relaxing and healthy environment to be in.