Mouth Guards – How They Can Solve Common Dental Issues

Athletes popularized the use of mouth guards. So, many people thought that mouth guards are only for the exclusive use of athletes who are engaged in very physical sports. While it is true that  athletes are the common wearers of these, common people with dental or oral problems can also wear them.


This piece of treatment has two kinds – the pre-made or OTC guards and the prescription or made-to-order guards. The first kind is made out of plastic or thermoplastic material. Because of which, they can be simply molded once heated in boiling water. As this kind is typically industrially produced for general use, it doesn’t cost much. Just as predicted, they function by holding teeth in static position while you’re sleeping. Consequently, your facial muscles are stopped from gnashing your teeth.

A dental mouth guard needs time to be made or customised. It is because it should be thoroughly molded to match the wants of a particular patient. A consultant first crafts a plaster cast of a patient’s teeth from which a guard is patterned. Prescription guards are made in a dental laboratory and they do not need extra boiling or molding when they are finished. They are frequently utilized by patients with hard-to-fit mouths or braces on.

Teeth grinding compels your facial muscles to move while you are asleep. A dental night guard works in a way that when you bite on them, your teeth are spared from touching one another. The grinding action doesn’t stop when you are sleeping. With a little help from this piece nevertheless , the grinding doesn’t come into full action.

Stress, hysteria, dental conditions and certain types of medicine are the prime reasons for teeth grinding. If your anxiety and stress causes your teeth to gnash at bedtime, then, you definitely need psychotherapy or a stress control training more than the utilisation of these dental pieces. If certain medicines trigger that phenomenon in your mouth, ask your doctor for a replacement that may relax your facial muscles when you’re asleep.

Typically, a dental mouth guard can relieve chipped teeth, protect gum wounds, calm sore neck and temperomandibular joint pains. But it isn’t the sole solution to bruxism. To better understand what causes it in your case, consult your doctor about it.


Marathon – Is This Sport for You?

We often see moms running marathons in order to manage their weight and keep their bodies in top shape effectively. For sure, you once thought of running a marathon too for the same reasons. Before putting on your running shoes and hitting the race tracks, read the following marathon information first so you can decide whether this sport is for you.


The two terms that we often hear when it comes to running talks are sprints and marathons. Sprints are the shortest races ever practiced that aim to glorify the athlete of greatest endurance and speed. Because they only last for a few seconds, sprinters are trained to cover the entire set distance at their fastest time. Usually, it is ten seconds.

Sprinters can engage to short sprints, middle distance races and long distance races according to their interest and running skills. The shortest sprints are in between 60m to 600m. The middle and long distance are at 800m to 300m and 5,000m to 10,000m respectively. They both can be completed in ten to 40 minutes. Because of the distance and time details, they barely hold the term sprint.

While sprints are still known these days, marathons are the ones that are gaining much popularity from professional and occasional runners. These running events are no longer held as sole competition of strength, speed and endurance. They turn out to be an enjoyable way to promote a cause or lose weight. It has been observed that marathon participants in general are more inclined to finishing the race leisurely and out-beating their personal bests.

Just like sprints, it has three types that are according to the distances they cover. Marathons may be described as half, full or ultra-marathon. To begin with, let us understand what a full marathon and we’ll use it as a key point to understanding the other two types. A full marathon covers 26.2 miles running distance. From it half marathons were designed which entail around 13.1 running distance. Ultra marathons, conversely, is almost double of it. Half marathon training programs are ideal for beginners who primarily want to manage their weight and can’t follow a strict training schedule.

For those ready for high volume training programs, a full marathon is a perfect choice. If you desire to run a good full marathon, you must keep yourself fit for running at least 20 miles weekly as it is the minimum mileage in competitions under this category. Whether or not they win the prize, full marathon runners are esteemed higher than the half marathon runners.

Consequently, ultra-marathon runners are hailed heroes of the sport. Their stamina makes them finish a usual ultra-marathon of 100 miles in no time. Besides the said distance, elevations and rough terrains are the added challenges for this race type. Some ultra-marathons last for many hours or even for more than a day. And what makes them hard to complete at times for the participants is the presence of violent weather changes during the entire race.

Best Eating Habits for a Long Life

The early people believe that the  main purpose of eating is longevity, happiness and good health. With this, they engaged themselves in eating rituals which they faithfully observe on a daily basis. Keen to know some of these rituals? Read up.

Never eat alone. Eat with your family and friends. Most centenarians treat mealtime as a special event of thanksgiving and bonding with their loved ones. Practice sharing stories, cracking jokes and talking out problems While eating with loved ones. Never eat while standing up, working or driving. You can get stressed from doing so and your food digestion and metabolism will be affected. You are more most likely to over eat when you’re eating while doing something else.

praying before eating

Pray before you eat. Saying grace before eating is a great opportunity to slow down. It allows you to stay calm and to focus on the food on your plate. As you enjoy every bit of your food, you are less likely to overeat. Hence, you will find it easier to shed pounds and to stop eating when you’re about 80 percent full.

Eat a big breakfast. This saying will remind you how to eat in every mealtime: “Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper.” Eeating a huge breakfast is like front-loading calories. By eating a big portion of your calories for the day during breakfast, you are able to burn it through out the day as you work. Thus, you lose weight instead of gaining weight.

Food Nutrition Labels: Why Read Them

Food Nutrition LabelsDo you know what food nutrition labels are and where they can be found? No? Then, read this post to learn basic facts about them.

Food nutrition labels are often seen at the back of food packages. These tags are as important as the
food contained in each of the packages.

The common name of the item sold is the major information that makes up food nutrition labels. It is followed by the serving size. The serving size is provided so that consumers may be protected from the harms of taking much food in their systems. Those who are having a close watch of their weight must be able to track the amount of calories and fats per serving if they wish to eat more than the recommended serving. With this, they will be able to track how much hours they need to spend in the gym to burn the extra calories.

Apart from weight gain, more serious challenges to a person’s health may be prevented through some helpful information in the package. These are the detailed nutritional facts that include the amount of carbohydrates, cholesterol, saturated fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. As we all know, people with heart disease must stay away from foods with high cholesterol. All these are listed in standard units so that a regular consumer will find it easy to track their amounts. Furthermore, people plagued by certain allergies can avoid eating allergy-causing substances if all the ingredients are listed on the box or packet of food they are purchasing.

On the side of the food companies, packaging and labeling also provide an effective means for them to entice consumers to purchase their products. A creative logo, neat design and vibrant colors can definitely attract shoppers who are browsing through the grocery shelves. Consumers are also attracted by health claims in phrases like ‘decreased possibility of certain cancers’, ‘certified fat-free products’ and ‘energy-giving solution’.

Tips on Getting Kids Brush Their Teeth

I think kids need supervision while brushing their teeth. Not only do they need help reaching all the teeth, they also need an adult to make sure they don’t decorate the walls with toothpaste!

Here are a few ideas to help make teeth brushing time a better experience.

Brush their teeth during their bath. My little kids take a bath and then rinse off with a shower. During the rinsing time they get a toothbrush (with toothpaste already applied) and they brush while rinsing. They spit into the drain and there is no mess! This tip works really well with young kids who can’t reach the bathroom counter.

Keep the toothbrushes in the kitchen.  I have a friend who keeps the toothbrushes in the kitchen drawer and the kids brush their teeth in the kitchen sink. Since kitchens are bigger than bathrooms it is easier for mom to help the kids brush at the kitchen sink and for some reason there seems to be less mess.

If you are concerned about kids spitting in the kitchen sink, give the sink a quick cleaning after they are finished brushing. Your sink will always be clean!

Put on some music! A dentist friend of mine recommend putting on some music and encouraging your children to brush their teeth for one entire song. Brushing to music will help the time go by quicker.


Tips on Preparing Yourself for a Marathon

Marathon, whether run in half or full distances, requires great strength and thorough preparation from its participating athletes. If you are interested on taking part of this sport, take time to read the following ideas in how to run a marathon.

Research. Know the details of the competition that you will be joining. That includes the distance it covers, rules and regulations and the number of participants. Afterwards, research on the kind of the training you would need. Jot down how many days you have to workout and how many hours in a day your drills would take. While you can train on your own, it is advisable though to get yourself a trainer particularly if you are a beginner.


Mental And Emotional Preparation. the first thing that anyone should do is to have a motivated will with regards to the activities which have to be pursued. When the training gets tough, you cannot just quit in the middle of it and forget about your dreams. Instill in your heart the desire to improve each time you train. Fill your mind with positive thoughts that will bring encouragement.

Physical Preparation. The physical workout usually takes eight weeks. It is composed of three levels of run such as speed runs, long runs and easy runs. Beginners are first advised to do short runs and slowly increases the speed. This technique is effective to enhance stability and power strength in running marathons. Moreover, endurance and stamina can only be acquired with regular training.

Proper Nutrition. Finally, you must keep your body properly nourished all through out the training and the race day itself. By all means stay away from eating junk foods that cannot even fill your nutritional needs.

Dental Items for Healthy Gums and Teeth

Dental items are essential in keeping our gums and teeth healthy. However, not all dental items sold in the market are important. Investment only on the basics. They are the following.

Toothbrush – There is a corresponding toothbrush for every dental need. With that, the bristles and the size of the brush head are the two important factors you need to consider.

Bristles are classified as soft, medium and hard. As you pick the right brush, check the sensitivity of your gums and teeth. For highly-sensitive gums and teeth, soft bristles are ideal to prevent irritation.

When it comes to sizes, brushes with bigger heads are usually preferred over smaller ones. This is because they are easier to maneuver inside the mouth. However, they can never reach narrow areas that need to be cleaned. And so, brushes with smaller heads must be used.

Toothpaste – One sign of good oral hygiene is strong teeth. This can be achieved with the continual use of flouride-rich toothpaste. Flouride protects the teeth from cavities as it strengthens the enamel. If you have dental concerns like sensitive teeth, tar-tar, bad breath and discolored teeth, consult your dentist for the appropriate toothpaste to use.

Dental Floss – Toothbrushing cannot remove all food particles stuck in between teeth. Thus, cleaning your teeth with dental floss, sticks or tapes is advisable. This wards off tooth decay and gum diseases.

Mouthwash – Mouthwashes keep the entire mouth including gums and teeth free from bacteria and infection. Use ones that contain fluoride and anti-bacterial substances.

tongue-scraperThere are other dental health products that we can add to the basics that we use daily. They are the following.

Tongue Scraper – It is believed that bad breadth is also caused by unclean tongues. In fact, tongues could hold a lot of bacteria, dead cells and food particles. If not removed, all these cause infection and the stench in our mouths.

Tongue Sprays – After cleaning your tongue, hygienic sprays may be used to prevent build of bacteria and occurrence of bad breath.