My Thoughts on Having a Backyard Pool

Owning a backyard pool is like a dream come to most homeowners. As for me, it would like having an oasis in the heat of summer where I can relax and have fun with my family. Apart from personal entertainment and relaxation, here are other reasons why I would like to have a pool in my backyard:

  • It’s an ideal venue for kiddie parties and other family events.
  • It’s cool to entertain guests by the pool.
  • It adds attraction and value to any residential property.
  • It provides a cheap way to cool off during warm months.
  • It displaces a lawn. (Yay! I hate mowing grass.)
  • Swimming provides health benefits to kids and adults.
  • Water activities are therapeutic to troubled kids.

I know for a fact that owning a pool has its downside too. Here are the disadvantages that come to my mind:

  • It opens up the risk of drowning to kids who cannot swim.
  • You won’t be able to use it during the winter months when it’s too cold.
  • It needs to be maintained throughout the year.
  • Older pools need regular repairs which  are added expense to your initial investment.
  • If you decide to sell your house in the future, you might have fewer prospective buyers. Some people don’t like houses with swimming pools.

Your swimming pool construction budget is the next thing you must consider once you decide to have a backyard pool. Some people see pool ownership as a luxury while some people see it as a necessity. It all depends on your personal values and the money you can afford to spend on its installation and maintenance.

Watch this short video about pool costs I found online. It can give you an idea on how to prepare your finances for your future backyard pool.

Your family can benefit  a lot from a pool if you research and prepare appropriately for its construction. Contact a credible contractor to avoid unnecessary and expensive problems with regard to your backyard pool project.


Three Simple Ways to Create Space in a Small House

To me,“small  house” is a very relative term. It’s because you can always make the most out of the space that you have to get enough space for your family. Recently, we found three simple solutions to create more floor space in our house. Let me share them with you through this post.

One solution that we found for helping us with furniture arranging was to take doors off that we felt we could live without.  By taking a door off of the closet in our boys’ room, we were able to fit a bed on a wall that wouldn’t normally have fit. If we had kept the door, it would have taken up much of the available space in the room.
Next, I installed a neat spread of shelves above our door. This was such a simple solution for more storage space!  It was quick and inexpensive to add a single shelf. I have been able to use it for a lot of things that previously covered our floor space.
Lastly, I utilised all the plight of shelves in our house. Shelving has been a staple in our home.  It seems that whenever we’ve wanted to add more space to a closet, craft room, or laundry room, shelving has been our answer.


Air Door Installation and Its Many Benefits

Air door is a mechanism set to release a stream of high-velocity and temperature controlled air across an opening. Generally, it is situated on top of entrances – creating invisible air curtains.

Air door installation  serves different purposes for many establishments and even at homes. Apart from keeping the air fresh, it provides the following benefits.

cool airColdness or hotness lessened – Designed to thwart the passage of outside air to a place being cooled or heated, air curtain doors help reduce the loss of cold or hot air in that specific area. Air expelled by this device directly strikes the path of an incoming air from the outside. This creates an air wall that seals the quality of air inside the conditioned place even when there is no physical door available.

Dust Particles, fumes, insects, smoke and other pollutants eliminated – This is very important to shops and stores that sell food, medicine and other highly consumable products. A healthy environment for these places can be achieved with air doors as they restrict the contamination of the pollutants that may come in from outdoors. The tough surge of air curtains serves as an excellent block for the penetration of these undesirable elements.

Outside noise deferred – The installment of these devices makes most establishments noise-proof. Thus, you are able to focus on your work more and celebrated events in air-conditioned places become more enjoyable and meaningful.

Energy conserved – Air door creates a thermal fence that reduces the invasion of the outdoor environment inside. During the cold months, frigid air is kept from penetrating a heated place by minimizing cold drafts and circulating warm air from the ceiling. When summer comes, the same place is maintains coolness as this device pushes the hot air away, thus, eliminating humidity and different hotspots inside the building.

Childproof Your Home With These Easy Tips

If you are starting to build a family, your kids could still be very small. At this stage, they are prone to accidents even when they are just at home. And no matter how dedicated you are in taking care of them, they can still be out of your sight and volunteer themselves to pending dangers. Thus, it is advisable for you to childproof every part of your house.

The first room you ought to pay attention to is your children’s room. Ensure  that electrical wirings are far from their reach. Cover the electrical sockets. Avoid clutter on the floor to keep your kiddos from slipping especially when it is dark. Provide railings for your smaller children who are not that strong to stand on their own yet. Remove tables and pieces of furniture that are made of glass. If there are stand alone cabinets in their room, cover its edges with rubber protectors to keep your youngsters from bloody injuries.

In the kitchen, keep all pointed and sharp utensils inside hard-to-reach cabinets. Keep matches and other flammable locked up. Accidents can happen in bathrooms too. Even though your youngsters take a bath under your supervision, it is always safer to have  rubber mats and lid locks that can keep them from drowning and slipping. Lock the medicine cabinet in your bathroom to avoid poising amongst your children.

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Thoughts On Renovating A Rental Home

When you do not have huge money at hand, you are left with no other choice but to rent a place to stay in. This option will allow one to dispense smaller amount of money. However, it comes with the disadvantage of giving your family discomfort and inconvenience in the instance that the size and style of the place do not suit your lifestyle. 

Perhaps, your family has been staying in the same property for a couple of years. Your landlord may then allow you to carry out some home improvements. This may sound sweet but hidden problems could spring from this when details are not laid out clear. Even though the landlord himself permitted your home renovation project, is the  local government going to permit it? As we all know, you can be sued for violating one or a couple of laws related to renting. Violations of such laws can be very very expensive.

Moving forward, reflect on whose going to pay for the renovation. More often than not, landlords would not to spend even a single centavo for leaking ceilings, faulty wires and chipping walls among others. Nonetheless, they welcome improvements funded by the tenants because they see these as added value to their place which can attract future renters to their advantage. And you can never bring away with you whatever you attach or get fixed for your rental home.

In my opinion, renovating a rental home must only be done when it is a matter of life and death. If the situation is otherwise, simply choose to save the renovation budget you have for purchasing your new home. That way, you get the assurance of investing or spending on a property you yourself ow.

How To Afford Your Next Home Renovation Project

A sweet home is a safe home for you and your family to live. That is why it is important to listen and take action when your house calls for help. If you need to have your house renovated but is short on funds, here are some tips on how to afford it:

Sell some of your unwanted furniture. You may keep those pieces for a very long time, but after renovation, you may find these a bit mismatch to your current design and theme, so it is best to sell those as soon as possible. Use ebay and other community groups in your area to let the word out about it, and get rid of these pieces when you have the chance. After that, save the money while you move to the next tip which is…

Get a second job. This does not mean that you get a second permanent job. You can take advantage of seasonal jobs in your area, and use your salary to fund your home renovation project. You can get information on seasonal jobs from community centers, and local online job sites in your area.

Use your talent and skills to start a small business or offer your services. This is the best time to put your skills to test. If you love to write articles, then offer your writing services online. If you love to design your own blogs, you can also offer this to your friends who love to dress up their blogs and other websites. If you loved to crochet but not have the time and reason to do it on a regular basis, then this is the best time to rekindle your passion and make money out of it. Pocket your earnings and use those to add to your home remodeling project soon.

Is there anything that you can add to the list?

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What To Inspect If You Have An Older House

Living in older homes has its own advantages and disadvantages, but if you live in one and prefer to stay there for long, then you have to do regular inspections to keep it livable. Here are some suggestions:


If you have been using carpet in your floors since you moved in, then you need to check the quality of your carpet. Are there some areas that are worn out and heavily stained? How about that odd smell even if you do some deep cleaning, maybe it is time to change that old carpet.

If you opt to change your flooring, then you need to call for a professional to do some assessment before doing anything on it. This is to prevent damage on the floor and spending more than you need in buying new materials for your new floor.

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