Top Ways To Remain Clutter Free

After you have cleaned your house, then it is best to remain your home clutter free. Is it easy to do? Read these tips and see if you can implement these on your home today.

Think twice before buying a product.

Aside from saving money, bringing in new stuff at home can also hurt your goal of keeping it clutter free. So think if you really need to buy that product before taking it inside your house.


Implement One In, One Out rule

I do this at home and it helps me control the number of stuff that I have to organize and clean. Whenever I need to buy say, a shirt, I keep an old shirt in a box for donation. That’s easy to do isn’t it?

Take a picture of your clean home.

Pictures speak a thousand words. So the next time you fail to clean or think that you are going back to your old habits, take a look at your ‘once cleaned house’. The beauty of a clean and neat place will definitely prompt you to do something to keep it that way.

Do routine clean ups on a weekly basis.

Again, this doesn’t have to be a tiring task, if you are doing your best to keep your home clean. Take things away for donation, purge, throw, do something to minimize the number of stuff you have. You will definitely do yourself a favor in a long run by spending only a few minutes to keep things in order.


Smart Ways To Declutter Fast

A clean house means having items in order, thus keeping it neat and organized. If your house is full of clutter, here are some smart ways to declutter fast.

Spend 10 mins to declutter for each room.

You can use a timer from your phone and or stopwatch. Grab boxes, each one for those that you will keep, donate and throw away. Just spend 10 minutes tops for each room so that you will be compelled to move fast and won’t feel that you are doing a dragging task.

Use your camera to document things to throw away.

Most of us have our own mobile phone and camera so put these to good use. Take pictures of things that you feel that you will miss but have to throw away. Doing this will make you keep some memories without making your house a candidate for the TV show Hoarders.

Don’t let emotions get in the way.

Talking about Hoarders, most subjects find it hard to throw away stuff because they let their emotions rule instead of aiming to have things in order. These are only things, they are subject to wear and tear and eventually have to be thrown away. Your family and relationships matter most, and you will enjoy great bonding moments with them if you have a clean and orderly space at home.

On Teaching Kids How To Be Organized

We often hear that childhood habits are hard to break particularly the bad ones and so early intervention must be made.

One of the bad habits rampant among children is being disorganized. Laziness could be one reason of disorganization among kids.  However, certain surveys attest that disorganized parents make disorganized kids period. This implies then that parents themselves need to be role models in this aspect. Whether you are already an organized parent, there are ways you can enforce or teach kids organization skills. A short list of them follows below.

1) Designate a proper place or container for all the items found inside your house.

2) Set a house cleaning schedule with them.

3) Introduce tasks that involve keeping and sorting their belongings.

4) Give your children their own planners where they can accomplish their personal checklists.

5) Highlight the importance of checklists on getting reminded of the responsibilities the ought to do.

6) Establish a routine from the moment they wake up and go to sleep. Included here is the importance of time management that can get them more productive at the same time.

7) Be firm in implementing the guidelines in cleaning slash organizing that you have set. Kids give up easily when they see their parents’ incapability to pull through.


Quick Ways To Liven Up Your Shower Room

I have been looking for inexpensive ways to improve the look of my home and oftentimes, I find it really easy to implement. All you need to do is to be creative and patient enough especially if you are concerned on doing this on a tight budget. Today, I’ll share with you some quick ways to liven up your bathroom.

Change That Shower Curtains

Give your bathroom a refreshing look by changing that shower curtain now. If you are used with that plain colored one, then look for a shower curtain with lovely prints and colors. Go ahead and find designs that you want online and you might even find a store that delivers it to your home within the day. You can also use a beautiful window curtain for this purpose.

Assign Containers For Your Shower Essentials

If you share your shower room with the family, then it is best to assign containers to house your different bath essentials. It will also make your supplies neatly organized and easy to reach, something that will improve your shower experience as you have everything that you need in one container.

Clean And Make It Smell Good

You don’t need to purchase expensive cleaners and air fresheners, just use all natural cleaners like general cleaning soap, water, baking soda, vinegar and fresh lemons to do the job. Out of these supplies you can create your own home cleaners and air fresheners, perfect to maintain a clean shower room.

5 Simple And Affordable Home Improvement Ideas To Try Today

A beautiful home is a livable one. That is why you need to do your best to make it a comfortable place to live in. Here are some simple and affordable home improvement ideas that you can do even with a little budget to spare.

Paint walls in a room to change the look and feel of it.

Paint costs are more affordable today. You can start by buying a small can and create an accent wall. You can also paint the entire room to give it a lighter or darker look. This is something that you can do over the weekend and is an easy project to finish.

Use wallpaper to dress your walls and other public areas at home.

While you can paint your room, you can definitely make a bold statement if you use wallpapers instead. Just ask a family member to help you install these wallpapers because, unlike paint, it is not that easy to do alone. You can also ask them to help you decide on which designs to choose especially if you are going to install it in their own room.

Declutter areas before you decide to install new shelves or cabinets.

Empty shelves and cabinets before you decide to purchase and install additional shelves around the house. This will help you clear some areas in those cabinets that you can use to house your new stocks. As for the shelves, this will help you make room for new items to display like books, vases and toys.

Upgrade your door locks and knobs.

Security is a major concern to keep your house safe for you and your family. Buy new locks and knobs and change it over the weekend. Make sure to distribute the new keys to your family members and keep a duplicate copy of each key. You can also use this opportunity to review your family on general rules when it comes to safety around the house.

Move your furniture.

Why purchase for another piece of furniture when your current one is still in perfect condition. Just place it in different area or direction in the room and clean the surface. You can even repaint it if you want to especially if you want to match this with the new color of your walls.

See, you don’t need to spend that much just to give your home a new look. Just pick one or two of these tips and implement these on your free time. You can even involve your family to help you carry out these home improvement ideas as soon as you can.

How To Clean Your Closet Today

Looking for ways to clean your closet? Make sure that you know how to do it wisely. Here are some ways to do it.

Set a schedule to clean your closet.

Make sure to have a set time when clearing unwanted items in your closet. Do a quick inventory and plan storage boxes so you can sort the items as you go. This will make cleaning easy as well as disposing these items to charity or to garage sales so you can turn your pre-loved items into money.

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How To Organize Important Receipts

Piling receipts scattered all over the house and you find it hard to retreive the receipt you need. Can you relate to this scenario?


If yes, then please continue reading this as I share with you some easy ways to organize important receipts.


1. Use an envelope system to file your receipts. You can purchase the extended, plastic envelope from bookstores and other office supplies shops. What I do is to purchase three of this and designate one for bank receipts (deposit and withdrawal receipts, mortgage payment slips, change account information forms), another for receipts related to utilities (water, electricity, association dues) and the other one for household purchases (groceries, gadgets and other related stuff). This keeps me organized all these important receipts in a jiffy.


2. Utilize these cute little storage boxes and place these receipts inside to be sorted later. Easiest, fastest, but of course do this if you really have little time to organize receipts.


3. Get a ziplock bag especially if you want to keep a couple of this on your bag. This will keep the receipts clean even if placed beside your dear cosmetics, hand sanitizer among other bag essentials.