Three Best Ways to Hire the Right Nanny

SOURCE: Unsplash

Almost all moms today go back to work after a few months they’ve given birth due to financial concerns. Hence, they’re faced with the need to hire a reliable nanny who will take care of their newborns while they’re not at home. Do you find yourself in similar situation? Read the rest of this post to get some ideas on finding the best carer for your child.

Have definite requirements. How do you want your future nanny to be? Do you want a nanny who will treat your child as her own? Do you want a nanny who will instill values in your child? Or, do you want a nanny who will attend to your child’s needs only? Take the time to list all the characteristics and skills you’re looking for in a nanny. Finalize it before putting up an ad.

Advertise. You can contact an agency to put up an ad for your need to hire a nanny. Hiring a nanny through an agency might require you to pay extra. It could be an added expense but you can be sure that all applicants will be screened thoroughly. You can also post your ads in your social media accounts. Tag your family, friends and relatives. They might be able to recommend a trustworthy nanny who they know personally.

Interview applicants. Make a short list of applicants who have passed all your requirements. Take note of their individual attitudes and experience in child care. Compose questions which reflect your concerns and the values you’re looking for in a nanny. Allow the applicants to share their personal and professional experiences while baby sitting or working as a nanny. This will help you peek into the real personalities of your applicants.