Three Things Horses Need to Stay Healthy

Horses are huge, strong animals and are great companions for humans when it comes to work and leisure. While they may look resilient, lack of proper care and attention can easily and quickly cause them to become unwell.

Proper care for horses requires adequate provision for their basic needs. Here are three things you must provide for your horse to ensure his optimal health throughout the year.

Good habitat – Horses need protection from weather and other harmful elements in the environment. You can keep your horse in a barn or in a stall, but you must turn him out to pasture during the day so he can get enough exercise. Make sure that your paddock has sturdy fences and shade trees. Fences keep horses from wandering while shade trees or a canopy keep horses from experiencing heat stress as they frolic under the sun.

Heat stress can lead to poor performance and also to heatstroke which can be fatal. Read this detailed infographic from Horseland to discover the warning signs of heat stress and the things you can do to help your horse avoid it.


Good food – Horses are grazing animals. They need to be fed with hay in the morning and in the evening. Consider your horse’s size and exercise routines when buying the right amount and kind of hay for him. You can also feed your horse with quality grain instead of hay. Provide a clean supply of water to keep your horse hydrated and salt or mineral licks to give him the necessary nutrients.

Good grooming – Regular grooming is key to keeping your horse’s coat clean and shiny. It also gives you the ideal opportunity to monitor the general health of your horse. Presence of cuts, fungus, ticks and broken hooves can be addressed easily when you bathe and groom your horse frequently.

Above everything else, horses need to feel appreciated and loved. So take the time to bond with your horse. He will perform better and live longer when he’s emotionally and physically healthy. Also, take the time to discover products and gain insights to help you in the proper care for your gentle giant.