Beat Overspending By Having A List

Did you know that the habit of overspending can be easily eliminated by keeping a list?

Before going to the grocery store, spend ten minutes or so to write down the things you need. As you write each item down, try to recall their individual price tags. Bring money that is just enough to pay for all the items you have in your list. It is safe and wise, however, to bring extra dollars should there be an unexpected increase in the prices. Use cash and not your credit card as much as possible. This will keep you from giving into impulse buying.

When you’re able to overcome unplanned purchases, you could cut your expenses on the groceries. Another good thing about this is that there is less possibility for food to spoil in your cupboard or refrigerator. Remember that spoiled food means wasted cash. Just think of the many people in other parts of the world who are dying because of hunger.

Having a list also reinforces healthy eating in your family. By taking time to think things over, you can direct your focus on healthier food like fruits and veggies. You would also save time if you have a list. It will tell you to which stall to go after purchasing one item after the other.