How To Keep Holiday Stress Away From Your Kids

It is not only us adults who get so stressed out during the holidays. Kids get stressed out too. While our holiday stress may come from the things we are worried about, kids’ holiday stress may come from the excitement and joy that they feel during this time of the year.

Holidays definitely come with celebrations left and right. Wherever you might want to bring the kids, ensure a place for them to rest or sleep during their downtime. Kids tend to be irritable when they are tired and confused of what is happening around. Have a playlist of relaxing classical music which they can listen too. This can mellow down any negative feeling inside them.

Be mindful about assigning age appropriate tasks and games to your children. Do you think they can help serve the guest or set the table? Once you have ask them to do something, leave the task outcome untouched even when it’s not perfectly done. This gives children a sense of fulfillment. They could feel stressed out if you fail to accept what they can offer you. Lastly, teach them how to breathe in and breathe out to stay calm. Teach them to say calming and positive words like “I’m happy” etc.